Becoming Workday Certified: Facts and Training Requirements
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Want a successful career in financial management, Workday certification is an avenue to take. Find out here all about the facts and training requirements.

Congratulations! You got a job at a company that partners with Workday! Workday is a Human Capital Management (HCM) and Financial Management software vendor.

Before you start your new job, you first want to make sure you know everything about Workday and the infamous Workday certification and training programs. It's important to know about Workday HCM because you have to complete this program upon hire. 

To ensure that you are knowledgeable on Workday and its programs, we are pointing out all the key facts about Workday and Workday HCM. We will also provide you with the requirements of Workday and Workday HCM. 

Take out your pen and paper, cause you are going to want to take notes!

Things You Should Know Before Starting a Workday Certification Program

  • You can only get a certification from Workday if you are an employee of Workday or an employee of a company that partners with Workday.
  • All new consultants must take Workday Core Human Capital Management (HCM) training.
  • Either Workday itself or the Workday partner company that you work for will pay for your training.
  • If you stop working for Workday or one of its partner companies, your certification will only remain valid for 1 year.
  • Workday will allow you to re-due your Workday training if you did not complete it the first time around.
  • You must complete your Workday training within the first month of employment. 
  • You need to have training after Workday program updates.
  • There are update training programs you can do online to retain your certification.
  • Workday updates its system 2-3 times a year so that all users are on the same version of its programs.
  • Whenever clients test their systems, they have a limited amount of time to do so in the sandbox system. Once this limited time is up, Workday converts their systems to the new production system.

Important Information on Workday’s Human Capital Management (HCM) Training Program

  • In the Workday HCM certification process, you take a course and then a multiple choice test.
  • All new consultants take CORE HCM.
  • People consider CORE HCM to be the Workday Boot Camp course.
  • Once you finish CORE HCM, you can also take Workday courses on compensation, payroll, and more.
  • You can receive HCM Workday online training through CRS Info Solutions.
  • Workday HCM combines Human Resources and Talent Management into one system. This ensures that Workday companies recruit the best talent possible.
  • Workday also combines Financial Management and HCM applications.
  • Through Workday HCM, new applications are created for HCM and other programs dealing with Financial Management, Automation, etc.
  •  Automating transactions in payroll and benefits administration have made HCM technology grow.
  • A word to the wise. Know about HCM, Human Resources, and recruitment before going to HCM training. 
  • HCM Workday training is perfect for HR and Finance professionals.  

Ultimate Skills You Will Gain After Receiving HCM Workday Training 

Going through Workday certification programs will make you a competent business professional. Workday training teaches you how to master core concepts and navigate the HCM suite. It also teaches you how to manage Workday Reports, Studios, and Cloud Connectors. 

Workday training also gives you knowledge on Workday Suite and its business processes. Workday training will also give you knowledge of Workday’s best practices.

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