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Stay Competitive: Graphic Design Trends Professionals Should Practice
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One of the best ways to stay competitive in the design world is by keeping up with the latest graphic design trends. See which trends are here to stay.

Certain types of graphic design, like Bauhaus Minimalism, never go out of style. Clean, elegant, timeless - you should keep these in your graphic design toolbox.

But other visual forms follow design trends. These change to match consumer tastes or marketplace fashions.

Keeping current with these trends is a great way to stay competitive as a designer. You can offer clients work that is perfectly on-trend and contemporary.

Keep reading to find out which current graphic design trends you need to master.

Painted Strokes

You've probably seen the hand letter craze all over the internet. From motivational quotes to branding, this trend shows no signs of slowing down.

But it's expanded into other forms of design. Handpainted strokes, or watercolor strokes, can turn sterile fonts into exciting typography.

It adds a human touch to your work and looks great on a variety of materials. Logos, landing pages, and flyers feel more personal with this treatment.

Why not add this style to your graphic design resume?

Going Dark

Apple rolled out its Mojave operating system which offers users a dark mode. This is much easier on the eyes and even helps save electricity.

This use of darkness rippled out into other forms of graphic design. You can build up layers of darkness, using different textures to help them stand out.

Or drop splashes of color among dark shades like graphite or charcoal.

Dark design helps give a premium feel to products, making it a good choice for tech. It also screams 'luxury', while still being a bit alternative or 'biker chic'.

3D Designs

With more designers using programs like Cinema 4D, we're seeing a lot more 3D work. It works particularly well with typography, with regular typefaces brought to life in eye-catching designs.

3D also helps designers bring imaginary worlds to life. Think fantastical creatures, impossible machines, and distant lands. These work well in advertising to visualize ideas mentioned in the copy.

Patterns are Back

Many brands are now using patterns to help split up their product range. Customers find it easier to choose their favorite flavor or variety based on the pattern.

These eye-catching designs also help to draw attention to products on the shelf. They look great in a newsfeed so expect to see them pop up on Instagram.

Pair your bold patterns with 2019's focus on vibrant colors for maximum impact.


Fashion and beauty have used this technique for a while. But it's expanding into editorial design and illustration.

Cut up interesting pieces of design and layer them in unusual ways. Add texture, patterns, or hand-drawn elements for a quirky finish.

There's something very cutting edge about this style of work. Using found art or ephemera, like train tickets or maps, helps add an air of tangibility to the designs. You can also recreate the style digitally.

Try Out These Graphic Design Trends

Now you know which graphic design trends to follow. All of them offer a chance to create exciting work.

Try out some online briefs for portfolio pieces. Or look for agencies that specialize in these forms of design.

Check out our job search function to find your next design job.


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