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The Future of Information Technology Jobs and Its Growing Demand
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The future of information technology is something we could only imagine in cartoons at one point. But the future of information technology is now and growing.

The IT sector is not a monolith. Rather, it is a dynamic, vast, and ever-changing mix of industries that influences every corner of the global job market.

The future of IT jobs in some areas is bleak, with little projected demand. On the other hand, many IT jobs are projected to experience skyrocketing demand, with salaries being pushed ever-higher as a result.

If you want to calibrate your career in IT, read on to find out more about what the future of information technology jobs really looks like. 

1. The Future of Information Technology is Security-Focused 

The future of IT will largely be shaped by the evolving cybersecurity threats we face.

Hackers, terrorists, and hostile states are constantly improving their cyber-warfare capabilities, causing billions of dollars in damage and endangering American lives every year.

As such, IT workers who have the know-how needed to fend off these threats will continue to be in exceptionally high demand over the coming decade.

In-depth knowledge of threats and the systems required to combat them will prove essential. 

2. AI Expertise Will Be Crucial 

Any research on computer science job growth will undoubtedly throw up a lot of content relating to artificial intelligence. It is important to understand the extent to which the AI 'revolution' is largely hype.

However, knowing which parts of AI will truly matter in the future is also critical.

Careers in machine learning engineering will continue to be in high demand, as companies seek sophisticated ways to automate their business models. 

3. Big Data Analytics Will Remain in High Demand 

We live in a world that is absolutely saturated with data. While industry hawks are quick to point out that data is now that world's most valuable resource, this is not the full story.

Among the top IT jobs in demand for the future are those that can make sense of the glut of data that we generate every day.

Data scientists and statisticians who can use computational processes to detect patterns in big data are needed across every industry. This is one trend that isn't going anywhere. 

4. IoT Support Will Become Essential 

The Internet of Things has promised to make our lives more streamlined, data-driven, and safe. The use of hundreds of interconnected devices and sensors in everyday applications is changing the way we perceive technology.

Hospitals, self-driving cars, and military bases all use IoT technology.

For this reason, IT workers who can provide the necessary tech and software support for IoT systems will become essential, highly-paid personnel. 

5. The IT Worker of the Future is a Jack-of-all-Trades 

Perhaps the most important long-term trend in the IT sector is the demand for professionals with a range of skills. It is no longer enough to be fluent in Python or know your way around a system.

Recruiters now look for IT workers with a range of programming languages and hardware expertise.

In addition, soft skills are now essential. As tech workers become more central to all industries, it is important for those workers to have strong people skills, negotiating skills, management skills, and creativity.

These will set you apart from the competition. 

Learn More 

The future of information technology can be summed up with these five trends. If you want to get your foot in the door, it is important to know which career path to start on. Read our guide to entry-level IT jobs to know where you should be looking for a lengthy, lucrative career. 


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