The Most Common Mistakes You Should Avoid During Technical Interviews
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After you've landed your first interview for a tech position, you'll want to come prepared by avoiding these common mistakes made during technical interviews.

So you've landed your interview for a tech position! It is the last hurdle to cross before you hopefully land your new job. But before you head out for your interview, it is imperative that you are prepared.

Technical interviews can be complex and challenging. We have put together this short guide on how to avoid common mistakes during your technical interview:

Technical Interviews: Mistakes You Should Avoid

As technical interviews are more complex than your average job interview, technical interview preparation is crucial. Make sure you follow these technical interview tips to make sure you land your dream job!

1. Know The Company

While this applies to any kind of job interview, it is especially pivotal for technical interviews. You need to research the company beforehand and have an understanding of what the company does. You need to know what technical services that they offer. This also helps you ask questions (which you MUST do) to your interviewer about the technical services.

Not researching the company beforehand shows that you do not care and that you are indifferent about being hired.

2. Prepare Your Resume

While you probably already submitted your resume when applying for the job, you may be asked to bring a printed copy to your job interview.

A resume for a technical position should be different from a standard resume. Make sure that your resume is eye-catching, is succinct, and puts an emphasis on your technical skills.

3. Technical Questions

No surprise here - you will be asked technical questions. You will likely be given a scenario where you are asked to solve a complex technical problem. You may even be given an exercise to complete on a whiteboard.

You are going to have to prove your knowledge on your technical subject - be it coding, programming, or UX design. Make sure you continuously practice your skill so you can demonstrate your knowledge in the interview.

4. Know The Fundamentals

This continues with the previous point. In addition to showing off your technical expertise, you must know the fundamentals of computer science. Many companies will ask questions or make you do exercises revolving around data structures and algorithms.

Especially if you are seeking a software engineering position, you must know these fundamentals. 

5. Be Verbose

Often IT experts can be the quiet type. Your profession revolves around you being behind a computer screen all day. Make sure you are verbose and that you elaborate on the answers you give during an interview.

If you are asked to do a practice exercise - particularly on a whiteboard - make sure you verbally communicate your steps as you are doing them. Do not expect that the interviewer will immediately understand each step and how you came to your solution.

We strongly suggest having a mock interview practice with a friend or a professional in your industry.

Prepare Yourself

Now that you know how to prepare yourself for technical interviews, you are ready to go. Follow the above steps and you are sure to land your dream job!

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