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Essential Questions to Ask After Interviewing with a Tech Company
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Though you may be bombarded with so much information on an initial interview, do not forget to ask these essential questions after a tech interview.

Landing a job in tech is both exciting and rewarding. You're working on the front line of innovation. And projects can be challenging, keeping you on your toes.

It's an expanding arena. Research suggests there will be 1.4 million more software development vacancies than workers by 2020.

So the interview is crucial.

But don't forget, you're interviewing your prospective employer too.

Wondering what the top 5 questions are you should ask after a tech interview? Read on!

1) Who Is Your Biggest Competitor Right Now?

Yes, you should do your homework on the competition. And you should have an answer to this question too. 

But it can be good to find out who your interviewer thinks is the company's biggest rival. It'll give you great insights into your industry.

And who knows? Maybe they're hiring too.

2) Which Software Development Methodology Do You Use?

Many IT companies use a form of Agile, such as Scrum or Kanban. Knowing which helps you to know if you're a good fit for the company.

You may even hold certifications in the same framework the company uses.

Or you may have some learning to do before you start. Knowing in advance lets you brush up or prepare.

3) What Was the Most Interesting Project You've Worked On?

It may seem strange to ask the interviewer about projects they've worked on. But there are two reasons to ask this question.

First, it gives you a good insight into what projects the company works on. And it gives you personal insight beyond the usual company line you'll see on their website.

It's understandable to look for an interesting job, as well as a high paying tech job.

Second, it lets the interviewer talk about themselves. Which is a great way to start building rapport and stand out from the other candidates.

4) How Flexible Is the Work Schedule?

We should clarify here, you're not asking if you can start work whenever you want. But you may do better work later in the day. You'd rather start two hours later and finish two hours later.

Or perhaps you'd rather work from home on a Sunday so you can take a weekday off. Working in tech can give that flexibility. Especially if you're on-call to deal with client problems at unsociable times.

It also shows how well the company can adapt to employee circumstances. Which is good to know if you have a young family.

5) Will the Company Pay for Staff to Attend Training or Workshops?

The answer to this question shows how willing the company is to invest in staff. The tech world doesn't stand still and neither should your skillset.

But if a company expects staff to upskill in their own time? And out of their own pocket? That shows the company doesn't value staff as a long term investment.

And a company that invests in staff expects them to stick around.

Final Thoughts: Nail Your Tech Interview

Now you know what questions to ask after your tech interview. They should help give you a better understanding of the company.

And asking questions helps the company to better understand you. By showing interest in their future, and your place in it, you make yourself more memorable.

Why not check out our job listings and get practicing for that big interview?


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