The 8 Top Paying Jobs in IT
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Are you looking to make bank? These are the top paying jobs in IT if you're looking to get into the field in the near future.

IT is a lucrative industry. Moreover, studies suggest that there is far more demand than supply in terms of IT job vacancies and jobseekers.

But what are the top paying jobs in IT? And how much can you expect to earn?

Read on to find out more about the best IT jobs.

1. Software Engineer

Software Engineers can expect to earn $135,000 per year. This job entails creating strategies for building applications or software.

A technical background is essential, but you will also need a much wider range of skills as software engineers often lead a team. 

2. Data Architect

Data Architects must be skilled statisticians, alongside having knowledge of programming languages. The average salary is $140,000.

They manage a company's data and prepare analyses, so strong math and statistics skills are required.

3. Systems Engineer

A Systems Engineer can earn $105,000 upwards. This role involves supporting the hardware and software of a company, fixing bugs, and keeping systems running on a day to day basis.

A technical background is, of course, fundamental, but strong communication skills are also required to explain technical ideas to colleagues with non-technical backgrounds.

4. Applications Developer

An Applications Developer manages the app strategy for a business. They can earn in excess of $150,000 per year.

This is one of the very top IT jobs around, and as well as designing apps, you'll often be expected to manage a team.

5. DevOps Engineer

A DevOps Engineer (development and operations) requires strong code-writing skills. You can earn $130,000 upwards in this role.

This role is only increasing in demand, and they often work within a team of other IT professionals.

6. Computer Hardware Engineer

Computer Hardware Engineers can earn $115,000 or more in this position. The role comprises - as the name suggests - managing the physical aspect of IT.

Knowledge of programming languages is not essential for this position, as they mostly handle computer components and hardware updates.

7. Computer Network Architect

A Computer Network Architect can expect to earn $110,000. They are in charge of the network system for a business.

This could involve establishing the network system for a multi-city company, and knowledge of WLAC design is required. A Computer Network Architect must have good problem-solving skills, as well as showing initiative when it comes to network upgrades and improvements.

8. Information Security Analyst

An Information Security Analyst will earn $125,000 on average, depending on experience and qualifications. The primary goal of this job is to ensure the security of a company's data.

This entails a first-class knowledge and implementation of firewalls, encryption, and other security software. An Information Security Analyst often works closely with top-level management to ensure employees follow security measures and that data security has an adequate budget.

Which of These Top Paying Jobs in IT Is Right for You?

Now that we've covered the top paying jobs in IT, you can think about the next steps in your career. Whether you want a purely technical post or something with more colleague interactions, it's important to think about the necessary qualifications for each position.

You can browse our jobs list according to skill or simply look at the vacancies in your area. 

If you found this post helpful, why not check out our other blog posts. Meanwhile, start your search for a new job in IT today!


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