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Top 5 Hybrid App Frameworks That Will Redefine Your App Development Career
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The framework you choose for your app will define you as a pro or an amateur developer. Here are the top 5 hybrid app frameworks that will make you a pro.

If you're someone who writes code for app frameworks, then you need to look into hybrid app frameworks NOW!

These app development systems only require you to create one source code for all mobile interfaces. This means that instead of having to write separate codes for your mobile app so that it can work with both Android and iOS devices, hybrid app frameworks make the same code work for both.

Hybrid mobile app frameworks are also a cross-platform mobile app development system. This means that it can render solutions that its users can run on any device. 

Other features of hybrid frameworks that make them the best app development system include guaranteed medium to high app appearance and performance, complete device access with the use of plugins, and the ability to be supported by HTML, JavaScript, and CSS coding language.

To make sure you choose the best hybrid framework for your app, we are providing you with a list of the top 5 hybrid mobile app frameworks out right now.

1. Ionic Hybrid App Frameworks

This top-rated HTML 5 apps framework uses pre-generated app setups, built-in material design support, AngularJS power concepts, JavaScript frameworks, SASS frameworks, and the Cordova plugin. This makes it easy to write premium HTML, JavaScript, and SASS software. These features also allow developers to create scalable and complex mobile apps.

The Ionic hybrid mobile app framework even allows its users to access all of its apps’ native device functions. This includes everything from cameras to contacts and more.

2. PhoneGap

PhoneGap is known as one of the fastest hybrid app frameworks. With the use of the Cordova plugin, the PhoneGap app development system makes it easy to connect apps with native application programming interfaces. This, in turn, makes PhoneGap easy to use with all forms of mobile technological devices, whether that be a cell-phone, a tablet, or something else.

PhoneGap supports JavaScript, CSS 3, and HTML.

3. React Native

React Native is a hybrid framework that is under React JS. React JS is a Facebook-owned JavaScript library.

React Native is known to render native user interfaces. Thus, React Native can create premium applications for all mobile devices, in particular those that are Android and iOS.

Other beneficial features of React Native include its ability to identify bugs in its system, its supportive nature of Node JavaScript and Node Packet Manager, and its ability to modify code.

4. Onsen UI

If you are developing an app using the OnsenUI mobile framework, you can write the code for your app with HTML 5 and JavaScript and use that code with Cordova and PhoneGap. It's also compatible with Topcoat UI, jQuery, and Angular JS. The different framework components that Onsen UI uses, combined with its many layouts, examples, and forms of documentation, make it a perfect framework for beginner developers to use.

5. Mobile Angular UI

Licensed and offered for free under MIT, the Mobile Angular UI hybrid apps framework combines Angular framework concepts with Twitter Bootstrap.

As a user interface (UI) framework, Mobile Angular UI also utilizes UI components in a way that makes its framework very user friendly. For example, the UI components within Mobile Angular UI hybrid mobile app frameworks include overlays, navbars, and scrolling features, along with Bootstrap 3 syntaxes, so that its apps are accessible.

The accessibility of Mobile Angular UI doesn't stop there. The app design features make it accessible for all tech devices and screen sizes.

Mobile Angular UI even utilizes Overthrow.JS and Fastclick.JS to make its apps perform at a high level.

What Are You Waiting For?

Now that you know what 5 of the top hybrid app frameworks are, it's time to pick the one that best fits your individual needs as an app developer. If you are a new and budding developer, we suggest you go with Onsen UI or React Native.

If you want an app framework development system that is fast and easy to use, go with PhoneGap or Mobile Angular UI. If you want a hybrid mobile framework that is top-rated and well-rounded in its features, you can never fail with Ionic.

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