ITJobCafe: 3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Being Used for Recruiting

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Some companies have started to turn to artificial intelligence to help optimize their recruiting methods. Here are three ways AI is being used for recruiting.

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Artificial Intelligence is disrupting job recruitment in the 21st century. Hiring managers, headhunters, and recruiters are looking to AI to help make the hiring process faster and easier. With the technology improving by leaps and bounds, the job market is evolving at an ever-increasing rate.

With so many advantages, AI recruitment software is being employed in a number of useful ways. From bettering the talent pool to bringing transparency to the hiring process. What are the ways that Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are being used in the industry?

Keep reading for a look at three different ways AI is being used for recruiting in today's jobs market.

1. Better Talent Pool

Artificial Intelligence can be easily applied to applicant screening. Recruiters or hiring managers must sift through hundreds of applicants to find a good match, with many of these applicants being unsuitable or even irrelevant. The number of applicants can be overwhelming!

By applying AI to start the screening process, managers have the opportunity to sift out irrelevant applicants, or those not suitable for the job. AI platforms can evaluate far more applicants in a much shorter time span than a human alone. This gives both the recruiter and the applicant an advantage in the process.

2. Removing Bias

The extraordinary progress made by AI in recruitment pays dividends when removing bias from the hiring process. This means an increase in diversity in the workplace. This allows managers to bring in the most qualified candidate for the job, regardless of age, gender, or race.

A workplace with better diversity is more likely to attract better, more qualified applicants. Keeping your potential talent pool full of strong candidates will allow for faster placement when new positions become available.

3. Candidate Engagement

Candidates today expect a measure of transparency in the hiring process. With many recruiters and hiring managers turning to social media recruitment, this has become a major concern to companies. AI can engage with people on social media to help with transparency on many levels.

Not the least of which is keeping candidates informed about where they are in the hiring process. If a candidate doesn't make it past the first round, the AI can send an email informing them, or if they do make it past the next round, they can be informed of that. An AI can also answer simple questions via a chatbot.

When you improve a candidate's engagement throughout the hiring process, that candidate will be a much happier employee if they pass all the requirements. The happier your employees are, the higher retention will be. Your employee's productivity will also skyrocket!

Artificial Intelligence for the Future

Artificial Intelligence is a boon to recruiters and hiring managers. It greatly streamlines the process and keeps the candidates informed of progress within the hiring process. As AI improves through machine learning, the process can continue to evolve and improve.

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