3 Cyber Security Jobs that Will Be in HIGH Demand Over the Next 5 Years
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What are the hottest cyber security jobs, and how much can you earn? Find out as we explore the 3 BIGGEST opportunities

The global cyber security market is growing, and fast. By 2024, experts expect to see a cyber security market worth $300 billion. As long as there is privacy to protect, it seems, this industry will remain strong.

That means there are plenty of cyber security jobs to go around. But which of these jobs are the hottest, and which will be in the very highest demand?

We are glad you asked. We have assembled this guide to cyber security jobs to answer exactly that question. Read on to find the cyber security job that might be right for you.

Cyber Security Jobs to Watch

It is an exciting time to get into cyber security, as these jobs attest. Whether you want to do engineering work, network architecture, or hacking for a good purpose, this list has got you covered. See for yourself.

1. Cyber Security Engineer

What differentiates the jobs on this list? One factor is the point in the cyber attack process where they practice their work.

For cyber security engineers, that point is twofold. They work on the back end to build systems that are safe from attacks, but they also work in the wake of an attack to get a system back up and running. This means cyber security engineers work in close collaboration with IT departments since the latter is responsible for keeping systems continually maintained.

Speaking of continual maintenance, one of the big roles a cyber security engineer occupies is staying up to date on trends. A cyber security engineer’s job is never boring because they are always learning new technologies to keep systems secure.

2. Cyber Security Analyst

Where in the attack process does a cyber security analyst go to work? Right in the middle.

A cyber security analyst is the person responsible for detecting threats as they occur. They are also involved in the maintenance of the system, but their maintenance takes the form of creating tools to monitor network activity and analyzing the reports those tools create.

Whereas the cyber security engineer maintains the positive flow of the system, the cyber security analyst prevents obstructions to that flow.

3. Penetration Tester

Penetration testers, also known as pen testers and vulnerability analysts, operate slightly outside the chain of attack that occupies cyber security analysts and engineers. Instead of maintaining a network, a pen tester actively tries to attack it.

This is why pen testers are sometimes called “ethical hackers.” They use tools to find holes in operating systems and device security so that organizations can plug those holes.

Secure Jobs in Cyber Security

These three cyber security jobs demonstrate the exciting job prospects that exist in the cyber security field, and these are only the smallest taste of the jobs available.

To fully explore your job options in cyber security, why not browse jobs on our site?


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