5 Best Blockchain Certifications to Have in 2020
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Having the best blockchain certifications allows you to stay on top of trends. These are the best blockchain certifications to have in 2020.

With the blockchain revolution transforming all manner of industries, there has never been a better time to learn the ropes. Even entry-level blockchain jobs can command top-notch salaries, as demand for blockchain skills continues to soar.

Whether you want to work in IT, finance, healthcare, or the public sector, knowledge of blockchain will set you apart from the competition. To get there, you'll need a valid and respected blockchain certificate.

This will prove to employers that you have taken a course and that you have the knowledge and skills needed to drive the blockchain revolution.

If you're looking for the best blockchain certification course, here are the ones you need to know.  

1. Best Blockchain Certification: SUNY Course

All blockchain certifications have their merits, but this one is definitely the most comprehensive.

The digital blockchain certification from the State University of New York is ideal for people with little or no prior knowledge of blockchain who wish to become skilled in a short time period.

Their 16-week online course teaches you how to develop applications and build a blockchain portfolio, as well as passing several exams. You also receive guidance from a real instructor who will assist you on your blockchain journey. 

2. Best Quick Course: Blockchain Council Expert Course

This one from the Blockchain Council is one of the best blockchain courses for those looking to get to grips with blockchain in a flash. The six-hour course costs $129 and is valid for one whole year.

With it, you get a holistic understanding of blockchain, how it works, and its key applications for industry.

It is ideal for students looking to garnish their resume with blockchain knowledge and for those wishing to embark on further training later on. 

3. Learn Python & Blockchain Together with Udemy 

There is no denying that Python and Blockchain are among the most in-demand skills in the job market right now. That's why the Python & Blockchain Certificate offered by Udemy is guaranteed to help you stand out from the crowd.

Even if you have no prior knowledge, by the end of the course you will have built your own cryptocurrency using Python, combining skills in a seamless and fun way.

It's certainly a long one, with a total of 229 lectures, but you will definitely be competent once you have finished it. 

4. Blockchain Certification for Business: The Linux Foundation Course

This user-friendly online course by Linux is best-suited to business professionals looking to keep up with a rapidly-shifting world.

It will teach you how blockchain is transforming business, where the most promising applications of blockchain lie, and how your business can benefit.

It's an 8-week course consisting of lectures that get progressively more difficult as you go on. It's more theory than practice, but that's all that many people need. 

5. Blockchain & Fintech: Hong Kong University Online Certification

If you're looking for a respected blockchain certification free of charge, then the University of Hong Kong should be our next port of call.

Their fin-tech focused blockchain course will teach you how to use blockchain in financial markets, including a heavy focus on cryptocurrency.

While the actual certificate costs money, you can take the course in its entirety for free. 

Learn More 

Once you have gained the best blockchain certification for you, it's time to launch your career. Read more about the best blockchain careers to see where your newfound expertise can take you. 


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