5 In-Demand Tech Skills That Make You Exceptionally Hirable
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Learn which tech skills are highly sought after by companies. We go over the top 5 computer skills that anyone looking to earn more should consider.

With approximately 700,000 tech jobs going unfilled just in the US, it's fair to say that tech skills make you hirable in general. Of course, organizations need certain tech skills more desperately than others.

The good news is that even tech giants like IBM and Google have largely done away with computer science degree requirements. That means you can tip the scale in your favor by skilling up on your own time.

So, which skills make you the most hirable?

1. Coding

The demand for coding skills will only grow as time goes on. Businesses large and small will need front-end developers to help them succeed in a world of web apps. A few core languages you'll need include the most recent versions of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Want to work in back-end development? Focus on widely used frameworks and programming languages like Ruby on Rails or the easy-to-learn Python.

2. Cybersecurity

The ever-present threat of hackers and data breaches haunt businesses and rightly so. Early 2019 saw over 4 billion records exposed. Cybersecurity specialists prove especially difficult to find, so it's an ideal area for making yourself more hirable.

A few areas of cybersecurity you can focus on include:

  • Identity and access management
  • Data loss prevention
  • Penetration testing

Working knowledge of several areas of cybersecurity will make you even more employable.

3. AWS

Cloud-based services support more and more organizations. That means they need experts in cloud-based development and cloud architecture

Amazon Web Services is the biggest player in the cloud game. Good working knowledge of their system and how to keep it secure will make you a catch for any company.

4. Data Visualization

Organizations collect so much information from customers and clients that they often end up storing it but not using it. Part of the problem with big data stems from not having a good way to make sense of it.

Data visualization lets a company make sense of that data in a way that those without advanced math skills can understand it. Become the person who can turn those numbers into accessible images and you'll find a job.

5. AI/Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is another area that many organizations want to leverage. For example, AI-driven chatbots can boost efficiency while letting live customer service reps field more difficult questions.

More advanced applications of machine learning can help companies understand trends and customer behaviors. If you possess those skills, you're in a good position to land a dream job.

Parting Thoughts on Tech Skills that Make You Hirable

The shortage of those with tech skills means it's a seller's market if you have or will learn those skills. A few of the best areas to focus on include programming, cybersecurity, and data visualization. 

As an added bonus, you can often acquire these skills through low-cost or no-cost online courses and tutorials.

Have the skills but can't get your resume in order. Consider using data visualization to turn your resume into an image. Check out our post on data visualization tools that can help.


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