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6 Essential Qualities You Need to Be an In-Demand ERP Consultant
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What qualities (and qualifications) do you need to get hired by B2B software startups as an ERP consultant? Here's your guide to everything you need to know!

An IT career with a focus on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) can be fulfilling and lucrative. But what qualities and qualifications do you need to get hired by B2B software companies as an ERP consultant?

Here is a guide with everything you need to become extremely hireable.

1. Master SAP Testing

SAP testing is the most important test approach for evaluating ERP software. Made by the German software company SAP, this testing approach is system-agnostic. This means you can apply it easily to any ERP system.

SAP is summarized in the PRACTICES acronym. If you are unsure of the meaning of PRACTICES, you should expand your knowledge on SAP to improve your hireability.

SAP testing will give you quantitative insight into how efficient an ERP system is, and how to improve it.

2. Relationship Building and HR Skills

Any good ERP consultant has to interact with clients seeking ERP solutions. Moreover, as an ERP consultant, you will have to distill complex concepts for the management, and perhaps also manage your own department within the company.

ERP is not process design. You will also have to implement it, taking into account the individual needs of each client. That’s where communication skills come in, and they are crucial.

3. Work with Tight Deadlines

As an ERP consultant, you will have to consistently meet the demands of clients in ultra-competitive verticals. B2B employers value punctuality and the ability to perform well under stress.

In this position, you will have to meet tight deadlines while keeping your clients in the loop, and finding last-minute solutions to client issues as they arise. That is why the proper implementation of PRACTICES is so crucial.

4. Continuous Self-Improvement

ERP is a rapidly evolving field and you can’t hope to stay competitive without continuously improving your skills. As new software products hit the market, and ERP practices evolve, you should do too.

There are numerous courses and certifications you can obtain, as we’ll see below.

5. ERP Certifications

Most employers will ask for at least one ERP certification, but the more you have, the more hirable you will be. If you have the experience, getting additional certifications, like Oracle’s ERP certification, will make you look more experienced and cement your credibility.

Remember that you need to periodically renew your certifications. So, plan accordingly.

6. Understanding the Bigger Picture

Finally, business savvy with make you an invaluable ERP consultant and pave the way for more opportunities in the future. Since your job will be to help businesses optimize their processes, you will need to understand how these companies function and what will make them succeed.

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