6 Technical Interview Questions Every Software Engineer Will Face
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Preparing for an interview at a tech company is about more than experience. You need to prepare to answer these technical interview questions, too!

Tech company jobs are among the most sought after positions. They are well paid and enjoy relative job safety. 

So, it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that it can get brutally competitive. Unfortunately, sometimes having experience and a quality education just isn't enough to make you stand out from other applicants.

Oftentimes, the employers make their final decision after you answer their technical interview questions. Don't get caught off guard. Read on to see our list of six questions you must be able to answer.

The World Of Software Engineering

The field of software development continues to grow rapidly. The need is expected to grow much faster than that of other careers.

Also, the compensation is very good. The bad news is that everyone wants to get in. This means that highly competitive students from across the globe are going to want the job.

Check out these common technical interview questions that you are likely to face.

Top 6 Technical Interview Questions

There are only so many questions you can expect to get in an interview but it is important to be familiar with them.

Practice your answers before going to the interview. If you feel unfamiliar with any of these concepts, you should probably consider studying up.

1. Which Development Methodology Are You Most Comfortable With?

This is a common programming interview question. They simply want to gauge if you are familiar with the systems that they use. 

Although it might not be a deal-breaker, most employers would rather not have to take time to train employees if avoidable. 

2. What Is Your Strategy for Detecting Bugs?

During the technical interview, you are almost guaranteed to see this question pop up.

3. What Role Does Your Application Play in the Company?

Employers want to see that you are aware of how the work you do helps the company achieve its goal. They are looking for developers who see the bigger picture and not just focus on their codes.

4. What is the Importance of a Software Project Manager?

This is a classic among tech interview questions. A project manager directs their team and makes sure everyone is working cohesively as a unit.

5. Explain the Difference Between Quality Assurance and Control

You should expect technical support interview questions such as these.

In a nutshell, assurance refers to dealing with any defects in the programs, while control refers to the lasting quality of the project over time.

6. How Does the V-model Work?

The V-model refers to verification and validation. It is a sequential model that consists of testing for each phase of development.

Nailing The Interview

Being interviewed for an important job can be a very daunting thought. You have worked so hard for many years to get the experience and knowhow you have and now it is your opportunity to show it.

However, these jobs are very competitive so you must prepare as much as possible.

Practice answering technical interview questions such as the ones above and give yourself the best chance you can. Check out our blog for more information!


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