7 Things You Likely Never Knew About Working in the Tech Industry
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The tech industry is one of the largest growing domains of knowledge in the world. Here are 7 things you likely never knew about working in the tech industry.

The tech industry is a great industry to work in. Whether you are planning on working in the industry or you already do, it is a fascinating field of work to learn more about. 

Here are 7 things you may not have known about working in this fascinating industry:

The Tech Industry: 7 Things You Never Knew

The Tech Industry continues to grow and attract prospective new employees. As this industry continues to evolve, it is imperative that you learn about it. Being up to date with the latest innovations in the tech industry will ensure that you are prepared to work in the industry.

Here are the 7 things you never knew about the tech industry:

1. Cryptocurrency Adoption

Though the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto has yet to be revealed, many companies continue to adopt cryptocurrencies as a method of payment. Cryptocurrency as a form of payment will continue to be an option in addition to fiat currencies. 

Coins other than Bitcoin are called Altcoins and with the rise of altcoins, there may be companies issuing their own altcoins for their products/services.

If you want to work in the tech industry, make sure you learn about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology

2. You Probably Don't Need a Degree

While there are degrees in tech, you most likely will not need one. In a survey by Transparent Career, 69% of tech workers were self-taught. Many skills in any field in tech can be taught from online courses, online videos, or by experimenting on your own.

If you want a career in tech, focus on building skills over getting a degree.

3. Creativity

As we have mentioned, this is a growing and innovative industry. While much of the work in tech may require coding and repetitive processes - it is still an avenue for innovation.

If you consider yourself the creative type and want to create products/services that can benefit others, a career in tech may be for you. You can make a difference through your work. 

4. Variety

There are a variety of different options available in the tech industry. From entertainment to education to healthcare, a tech professional has their options open in what industry they can influence with their skills.

Think about the industry you would like to make a difference in and see what tech skills are needed for that industry.

5. Freelancing

There are many large tech companies to work for. But if you prefer to be a freelancer, there are many great options available as well. You can work as a contractor for multiple companies or be your own boss and select clients.

You can also create tech products/services on your own.

6. Reach

The tech product/service you work on can have a great reach. Something designed out of California, such as an iPhone, can be used by a vegetable seller in India.

In fact, while WhatsApp was created in the USA, its payments service was launched exclusively in India as that country currently has the highest WhatsApp users.

7. Speeding Things Up

You probably know this - but may not have given thought about it. Tech has sped things up. Email technology has sped up the rate of sending a message. Snapping a photo on your smartphone is a faster process than even a digital camera. Internet connections such as 5G continue to speed up Internet access and connectivity.

What is a service you would like to speed up with tech?

Go For It!

The tech industry continues to grow and encourage innovation. If you feel there is a place for you in this industry - build your skills and go for it!

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