Are CSS and HTML Jobs a Thing of the Past? Here's What to Know
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Is it possible to get CSS and HTML jobs knowing just these two languages? We answer your question and discuss everything you should know.

What are the right skills to get started in web development?

It's a question that's constantly evolving as technologies evolve. What's trending now may not even be relevant a few years from now.

At the heart of web design are HTML and CSS.

No matter what new frameworks are introduced, they all result in the above two languages to work. They may offer easier or more sophisticated ways of doing the job, but the result's still the same.

But can you still get CSS and HTML jobs? Are these two languages enough?

Keep reading for everything you need to know.

How Do You Define Work?

The first question you need to ask regarding work as an HTML or CSS programmer is what kind of work are you looking for?

If you're flexible about what you're willing to do, then absolutely. You just need to be realistic about what's available.

The challenge you'll run into is that many web development companies will demand more than just these two languages. While they're essential to creating a site's layout, they don't offer interactivity.

For that, you'll need to learn JavaScript or a web framework. Frameworks like Django or Ruby on Rails are software that allows greater functionality and performance.

However, that doesn't mean that there isn't work for you.

But instead of a traditional programming job, you'll need to find those needing your skills. You'll need to join the growing world of freelancing.

What CSS and HTML Jobs Are out There?

Just about everyone is looking to expand their digital presence.

Whether it's a personal blog or launching a WordPress site, there's a steady need for developers that will help people resolve their coding issues.

These are your clients. You have the skills they need, so get working.

How to Get Started as a CSS or HTML Freelancer

To find these jobs, you need to build a presence online. 

These are the steps you need to take:

  • Build yourself a business site: You need a place to host your portfolio and contact info
  • Reach out to local businesses: Target businesses that need your services
  • Reach out on social media: Let your network know what you offer
  • Use job boards: Look for people that need help and offer your services
  • Help out on forums: Provide solutions to people seeking HTML and CSS help

Keep Growing Your Skills

Finally, just because you're only proficient in HTML and CSS now doesn't mean that you can't learn new skills.

Take it upon yourself to grow your knowledge and expand your skillset.

If you're not sure what language to focus on, take a look at your dream CSS and HTML jobs. Note what frameworks get mentioned the most, and make those your focus.

Our blog has many articles to help you know which tools and skills you need to make it in today's digital world.


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