Artificial Intelligence Jobs: What Skills Do You Need?
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If you're looking for a career in artificial intelligence there are skills you will need. We take a look at what you need for artificial intelligence jobs.

Artificial intelligence is an industry that's rapidly growing: the revenue produced by the AI industry has nearly doubled since just 2015, and is estimated to grow from 3 times that amount in the next couple of years to be worth over 1 trillion dollars.

AI is everywhere from healthcare to research labs to mechanical engineering; it seems as though every business sector and industry has a use for AI. This amount of growth in the industry brings job growth as well.

If you're looking to break into artificial intelligence, you'll need a particular skill set in order to be hired and succeed. Keep reading to learn the skills and knowledge you'll need to get the best artificial intelligence jobs available today.


This point will vary depending on the job. However, you'll at least need a bachelor's degree to get most jobs in AI.

Many people working in AI also pursue Master's and Doctorate degrees as well, which definitely makes them more hirable in such an academic, vocational, and knowledge-based industry.

The desired subjects you majored in or study will depend on the job, but some of the most common degrees for jobs in AI include:

  • Applied mathematics
  • Physics
  • Computer science
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering

Having degrees in these areas will help you get jobs in AI.

Programming Experience

Computer programming knowledge and skills are essential for careers in artificial intelligence. You should have experience coding and understanding a few different languages in order to appear favorable to companies and businesses.


Even if you didn't study mathematics at a University or hold a degree in the subject, math is a common practice used in almost all AI jobs. You'll need to understand applied mathematics, data analysis techniques, and statistics, in particular.

Analytical Skills

This is more of a broad skill that you can hone through past job experiences, academia, or other areas in your life. Data and research are common in AI, since it's a field that is growing and learning new things each day.

You'll be expected to acquire data, run tests, run programs, and analyze the results of these tests and research methods. Jobs in AI will require you to think for yourself, analyze outcomes, and make decisions based on that analysis.

Data Mining

What is data mining anyway? Data mining refers to looking at large datasets and databases and extracting (aka mining) new information from that data.

While not all AI jobs involve data mining, many do. Having experience in this area combined with the analytical skills we mentioned before will make you an excellent candidate for a career in AI.

Skills You Need to Get Artificial Intelligence Jobs

Have you been dreaming of creating the next Siri? Or perhaps you want to build robots that can seemingly think for themselves. Whatever the case, you're going to need these skills before you can get one of these artificial intelligence jobs that you want.

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