Can't Get a Job? Here Are 5 Major Things You're Doing Wrong
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There are 5 big reasons why you're Googling "I can't get a job." Want to know what you could be doing to turn away potential employers? Click here to find out.

"I regret to inform you that you were unsuccessful with your application for the position." You might have heard this kind of thing a lot lately. No job hunter wants to be confronted with yet another rejection.

But it's important to not let your job search cause you depression and anxiety. You have to get back on the horse and search for a role that matches your skills.

What are you currently doing that's turning off potential employers? Keep reading to find out the five major things you're doing wrong and why you can't get a job.

1. You Don't Follow Up

If you don't follow up after the interview or application, you're probably not that interested in the job anyway. That's the conclusion many employers come to after a while.

Employers are often searching for someone who shows initiative and responsibility. How can you expect to be hired if you can't even demonstrate these attributes by following up?

But when is the best time to follow up?

According to research, over two-thirds of HR managers believe that the best time to follow up after an interview is between one and two weeks.

You should be sending your potential employer a thank-you note for the opportunity of an interview. Even if you don't get a reply, you can request an update of whether you got the job or not after.

2. Misjudging Your Audience

It's really important that you know your audience and don't misjudge what's appropriate. Although some things may seem obvious, it's always advisable to do your research.

Make sure you research the specific company you're applying to. But you also need to make sure you understand what's appropriate in the working environment. For instance, do you want to wear formal dress clothes, or maybe smart casual is suitable?

3. Don't Overstep Your Mark

You need to prove that you're ambitious and driven to achieve your goals. Maybe you could show that you're determined to climb the ladder to the top of the company.

However, don't overstep your mark. If you're starting at in an entry-level position, it's not your place to tell senior staff what they're doing wrong.

You're being hired for a specific post, so you have to demonstrate that you're not getting above your station.

4. Lack of Self-Confidence

Employers want to see confidence, so give it to them. You can have an outstanding resume and record with plenty of relevant professional experience. But if you're deeply lacking in self-confidence, you're not going to be hired.

You need to show that you're confident in your abilities and skills. While this shouldn't come off as arrogance, self-confidence is really important if you want to be employable.

5. Negative Body Language

Do you make eye contact when you're talking to the interviewer? Are you sitting up straight?

Employers will be put off by negative body language. It's not just what you say in the interview, it's also how you say it.

Interviews are all about first impressions. Your body language can make a big difference.

Why I Can't Get a Job?

Now you know the five major reasons why you can't get a job. It's time to change your approach to job hunting.

It's not only about your skills and experience. There are a number of factors that employers care about more than what's written down on your resume.

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