Common IT Interview Questions and How to Ace Them
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If you're scheduled for an interview for a career in Information Technology, learn how to ace some of the most common IT interview questions.

Whether you are about to sit down for your first IT interview or transition into a new IT role, the process can be daunting.

Preparing for IT interview questions and scenarios can mean the difference between having your resume thrown into the trash or moved to the top of the applicant list.

IT Interview Questions

Like any interview you can expect some standard questions about yourself, why you're interested in the company, and what your strengths/weaknesses are. You can also presume there will be some specific IT interview questions as well. 

Keep in mind the purpose of all these questions — is this candidate a good fit?

Interviewers are assessing your ability to work well with others, the skills you bring to the company, and whether you would fit in with the work culture. All of your answers should keep these guidelines in mind.

Certifications and Skills

Interviewers will be eager to know if you have the prerequisite skills and training to do the job.

What certifications do you hold, and how do you maintain them?

Which source-control tools are you familiar with?

Which languages are you capable of programming with?

Your answers should convey confidence and familiarity. The person asking you IT support interview questions will want to know how you stay current and up-to-date on trends in the field. Demonstrate your evolving knowledge by including technical articles and websites you follow. Which podcasts you listen to on your commute can show your level of appreciation toward your craft.


What you have done in previous roles can serve as great conversation for IT interview questions. You may encounter some of these familiar questions:

How do you handle multiple deadlines?

When were you able to improve upon a practice or procedure and make it better than it was originally conceived?

How do you go about implementing changes?

Explain your production deployment process.

Which tools have you found to be most helpful in troubleshooting?

What was your recent project and what were your responsibilities?

Making your interviewer aware you have experience to draw from that will serve their company well is a key strategy to doing well in your IT interview. 

Brainteasers and Demos

The fastest way to get to the core of an interviewer's knowledge base is to test it. While scenarios are more common in 2nd or 3rd round interviews, a good candidate is prepared for them during the first IT interview.

In these situations, interviewers will ask you what, in a given scenario, you would do. The important thing to remember here is your solution is often not as important as your process. As you answer these questions try and verbally walk your interviewer through your process.

Answer these questions conversationally. This will display the logical and critical thinking abilities they are likely looking for. Ask them questions for clarification. Take time to thoughtfully consider your answer and tell them of the multiple ways to approach the issue.

How you answer may be telling of your different abilities. How you solve the issue of a coworker's laptop not connecting to the office wifi will demonstrate your diagnostic and problem-solving skills.

Asking what non-technical personnel should know about internet security may assess your ability to educate workers with limited IT knowledge.

IT interviews can seem like an overwhelming task. Being prepared and understanding not only the questions you will be asked but what answers your prospective boss is looking for can make all the difference. Stay informed on important IT subject matter to ensure you interview like a champ. 

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