Here's Why Tech Companies in Atlanta are Looking for IT Personnel
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As tech companies slowly move towards Georgia, the tech companies in Atlanta need more staff. Here's why tech companies in Atlanta are looking for IT personnel.

With unemployment at a near-historic low, you might wonder why it is that tech companies in Atlanta always seem to need more employees. Is their turnover really that high? Are companies in other cities poaching employees?

If you consider the job growth projections for IT, though, it's far easier to get a sense of why that demand exists. Projections estimate over 500,000 new tech jobs by 2028. That's in addition to the current, often unfilled, tech jobs that already exist.

Of course, it goes deeper than that. Keep reading and we'll delve into why Atlanta tech companies seem especially hungry for new talent.

Fast-Growing Tech Industry

Atlanta enjoys one of the faster-growing tech industries in the country. In fact, Atlanta has seen a 29.1% increase in tech jobs over the last five years.

As Atlanta becomes a tech hub, there is something of a chicken and egg effect at work. New companies attract new workers, which drives growth, which calls for even more workers.

Silicon Valley Is Overpriced

Assuming you can get past the tech interview and land a job in Silicon Valley, it's no guarantee you can afford to live there. It turns out that close to 60% of tech workers don't make enough to buy homes in the Silicon Valley area.

The raw concentration of comparatively high-paying jobs has driven the real estate prices in the area stratospherically high. Those who always dreamed of working in Silicon Valley may accept apartment life as a tradeoff.

For tech workers looking to start families and lives, companies in a tech hub like Atlanta can swoop in and make an attractive offer. That means that those same companies must constantly advertise and recruit for those positions.

Tech Labor Shortage

Another reason tech companies in Atlanta are on the hunt for IT personnel is the tech labor shortage. With over 900,000 unfilled tech jobs nationwide, Atlanta suffers from this shortage as well. That means that anyone with tech skills or the willingness to learn them can likely land an Atlanta Tech job.

Increasing Dependence on IT

Tech companies rely on computer and information technology. Many often offer IT-related services to other companies.

More and more businesses now depend on IT-services like web developmentapp development, and cloud computing. The dependence will only grow over time, putting greater demands on companies offering IT services to other businesses.

As those demands ripple out into the Atlanta market, tech companies will need new employees to help fulfill those services.

Parting Thoughts on Why Tech Companies in Atlanta Are Looking for IT Personnel

After reading the reasons above, it should seem obvious why tech companies in Atlanta always want more talent. In addition to the fast growth of the local tech industry, the companies must try to lure candidates away from famous tech markets like Silicon Valley.

Tech companies must also contend with the labor shortage in an era when more and more companies are IT-dependent.

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