How to Answer "Why Are You the Best Candidate for This Position?" to Get Hired
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In a job interview, it's almost inevitable that you'll be asked "why are you the best candidate for this position?" Your answer could make or break the interview. Here's how you can answer the question so you can get the job.

Job interviews are meant for showing off your skill set and experience for the job. For the interviewer, they're also a way of assessing you as a person and potential employee.

Almost every interviewer will inevitably ask you "why are you the best candidate for this position?". How you reply can make or break your chances to get the job.

Keep reading to learn how to answer this question the right way and impress the interviewer.

How to Answer The Question "Why are you the best candidate for this position?"

If you have the skills and knowledge needed for a certain job position, don't be afraid to present them to the interviewers.

They'll ask you lots of tricky questions, so read below to discover the answers that'll get you hired.

Highlight Your Experience and Qualifications

When the interviewer asks "why are you the best candidate for this position?", your reply should be short and sweet.

You should already know the description of the job position, so use it to draw a parallel between their requirements and your own qualifications and skills.

Make sure to add a few more qualities relevant to what they're looking for in a candidate for the job. This will make you stand out from the competition.

Tell an Interesting Story

If you claim to have certain skills, expertise, and knowledge, show the interviewer how you used them in previous jobs.

If you're applying for your first job, talk about your skills in academic, volunteering, or extracurricular settings to back them up.

Showing the interviewers you can think outside of the box will make you a perfect candidate for a job.

Emphasise How You Can Help the Company

No matter how many interviews you've been to, there's always the looming question: Why would I be a good candidate for a job?

Before you can convince the recruiter, you need to assess your skills and experience.

What is something unique you can offer to the company? How will your expertise help them grow and make more money? What value will you provide for them?

Customize your answers to what the company is looking for to grab the interviewer's attention.

Don't Compare to the Other Candidates

When recruiters prepare for hiring candidate interviews, they go through dozens of CVs.

Then, they pick the most interesting ones for an interview where they want to know how you're different from the rest of the candidates.

This is where many job seekers make the mistake of comparing with other applicants. If you tell the interviewer you're superior to everyone else, it's likely you won't be selected.

Instead, focus on your own skills and the value you could bring to the company. Refrain from mentioning or criticizing other applicants.

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