How to Become a Machine Learning Engineer
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With so many career sectors to pursue in the arena of AI, find out if software engineering or becoming a machine learning engineer is right for you.

When transitioning to a new job many of us may be enticed by a career in the $125,000 to $175,000 range. Machine learning engineers are now a highly sought after IT specialist commanding such a hefty salary. So how does one get into the machine learning engineer field?

First, it is important to understand the job. As AI gains prominence in our modern world it is helpful to separate the criticisms from the potential that machine learning has to offer. After all, the perks of working in the machine learning field exceed the paycheck. You will be working with a team to create critical applications for a wide range of products and face challenges whose solutions eventually create meaningful change in the modern world.

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning is a component of artificial intelligence, commonly referred to as AI. If you have heard this term recently its probably because it is revolutionizing the way business is done all over the world. From self-driving vehicles to security systems made to outsmart identity thieves.

Machine learning amounts to using algorithms in order to scale large amounts of data. This data can be consumer purchasing habits, travel routes, exchange rate, you name it. This data can then be crafted into models for businesses to use to inform decisions. 

As a machine learning engineer, you will work with data scientists to create models to analyze. These models must deal with enormous amounts of data and real-time constraints, converting raw data to figures useful for companies of all types. Machine learning engineers must be ready to scale their models to accommodate the size and specifics determined by the data scientists they work with.

Companies as famous as Apple are looking for machine learning engineers to help with state of the art technologies like Siri. One need not look far for the best IT jobs as machine learning engineers are needed everywhere

To become a machine learning engineer will need to be savvy with certain forms of programming as well as the multitude of algorithms used in the field. While resources are available all over the web, some might find a more tailored educational experience in order to hone the necessary skills.  


As you set on the path to becoming a machine learning engineer, you may find that Python is a preferred programming language. Many of the tools associated with machine learning were designed using Python and apply to data science and API access. Python is also a relatively easy language to pick up with many tutorials and resources available online.

Whether you're just beginning to explore machine learning or are refining your craft, learning to use collaborative tools is key to success. Github is a common team working resource allowing for multiple users to access a project. You will want to regularly see if your code is working properly using test functions. Use API tools like Postman and CI systems like Jenkins in order to make sure your code doesn't fail. Mastering strong code review skills are essential to your success, and that of your team's. 

It may be a good idea to use meetups, forums, and resume help to find likeminded machine learning engineers to learn from or use for job prospecting. While they can lead you to further your skills and craft, they also can come in handy for landing the best IT jobs around. 

Landing Your Machine Learning Job

This specific field is not likely to be advertised in your local "Now Hiring" section. Instead, hopeful candidates should look to make inroads with current machine learning engineers. You may find that many are happy to discuss their roles and any openings in their company or ones they are familiar with.

Job sites like ITJobCafe are tailored to help specifically with technology jobs near you. Companies hiring near you may also have their hiring managers and top-level staff post on forums like Hacker News in order to find talent. While exploring the skills necessary to become and stay up to date as a machine learning engineer, be sure to stay on the lookout for potential job opportunities. 

If you are looking to immerse yourself in an exciting and lucrative technology job near you, you may find that machine learning engineering is the way to go. Be sure to check out the tools at ITJobCafe to help make this happen and land your machine learning job. 


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