How to Get Ahead in Interviews with Data Mining Companies
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What if asking a simple question could change your entire life? Sure, it may sound a bit dramatic. But when it comes to a major job interview, every question and answer is critically important!

Want to succeed in your interviews with data mining companies? Read on to discover our comprehensive guide!

The Power of Freelance

Your ultimate goal is to get a secure and long-term job. However, freelance data analysis may open many new doors for you!

Many companies like to hire freelancers as an alternative to paying big salaries and benefits. But for you, this experience will add up and make you the more viable job candidate.

It really is that simple. In a choice between two equal candidates where one has extensive experience and one does not, the choice is clear. And doing as much freelance as you can means you can dazzle interviewers with your experience!

Flex Your Projects

Of course, doing freelance work isn't the only way to build up a body of experience. You can also start building your own data science projects.

Part of the beauty of data analysis is that there is so much data freely available at all times. By researching things like the U.S. Census or the World Bank, you can find data to help solve the problems you are passionate about.

Doing these projects on your own helps to build up your portfolio, which will be impressive to prospective employers. And it gives you a lot of experience to discuss during your interview as well!

Going Public

We've discussed the importance of completing your own data analysis projects. However, there's one final ingredient to boost your success: sharing these projects in a public way.

You can make a splash in the data analysis scene by making your findings public and publicizing them wherever possible. For added flair, you can turn the results into a visual format such as an infographic.

What does this do for you? Ideally, this gives you a reputation that will precede you in your job interviews. And if you're really lucky (or really good), employers will start coming to you instead of the other way around.

All About Networking

At the end of the data, data mining is like any other industry. And that means that your success will hinge on who you know just as much (and often more) as it will hinge on what you know.

That means you should look for networking opportunities wherever they are available. Whether it's local data analysis meetups, major conferences, or simply reaching out to the right people via LinkedIn.

These people can provide invaluable experience about how to get the job as well as what the industry is like. And being able to showcase how you are already part of the data mining community is a great way to ensure the success of your interview.

Data Mining Companies: The Bottom Line

You now know how to knock out your interviews with data mining companies. But do you know how to give yourself an analytical edge?

At SAS, we specialize in empowering individuals with bold analytical tools. To see how we can help you get the job and find success, come request a quote today!


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