IOT Jobs: 3 Amazing Internet of Things Careers
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As our smart appliances get even smarter, the IOT jobs market will grow even more. Here are the top five current IOT career paths.

As an IT professional, you know that the IoT market is exploding. It’s not just in consumer home products, either. IoT devices are used in manufacturing, automobiles, and in enterprise environments.

Gartner predicts that there will be 5.8 billion endpoints from enterprise and automotive industries alone in 2020. That’s a sharp increase of 21% from last year.

What does that mean for you? There are a lot of IoT jobs for the taking. Which jobs are the top ones that you should consider as you further your IT career?

Read on to learn the top IoT jobs and the skills you need to get them.

1. Data Scientists

More companies rely on data to make decisions. All IoT devices collect massive amounts of data, but a small portion of that data is extrapolated and analyzed.

As a data scientist, you have the responsibility to make sense of big data. The skills that will make a difference for you to get an IoT job are business intelligence, data management, sensor data analysis, and predictive analytics.

You want to show the connection between the data collected, the decisions made from that data, and the result of those decisions. That’s how you’ll prove your value in your position.

2. IoT Cybersecurity

One of the risks of having all devices connected to the internet is that they’re susceptible to hackers. Home security devices have seen an alarming increase in cybersecurity attacks.

You have to be aware of the risks and ensure that these devices carry. To jump into a career as an IoT cybersecurity expert starts with getting the appropriate security certifications.

3. Engineers

Engineers are required across every industry to build and design IoT devices. Software engineers are necessary to have the devices run smoothly without crashing.

The manufacturing industry is changing drastically. Robots, automation, and IoT are replacing or working with workers.

This is going to eliminate many manufacturing jobs, but there is a need for engineers to maintain and implement these technologies.

The biggest challenge for engineers in IoT is to make two separate devices talk to each other. You’ll need to have a lot of API experience.

You should also have experience working with devices or programs from concept to manufacturing to support.

Top Skills for IoT Jobs

These career paths give you some insight as to what you need to get an IoT job. There are other skills and experience that companies look for as well.

UI/UX design, automation, machine learning, IP networking, and hardware interfacing are other essential skills you should add to your resume.

IoT Jobs are In Demand

If you’re looking for a career path in IT that shows a lot of growth and promise, IoT is it. The top IoT jobs are in engineering, cybersecurity, and data science.

What does it take to get one of these jobs? You need to show proficiency in a broad range of skills, from business intelligence to UI design.

Are you ready to start your new career? Start your job search today.


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