Now Hiring: Here Are 4 AWS Jobs That You Can Get When You're Certified
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When you have your AWS certification, the possibilities are almost limitless. Here are just a few of the AWS jobs that you can apply for!

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos wrote that Amazon Web Services (AWS) reached the $10 million milestone in annual sales faster than Amazon itself did.

Also impressive: over 1 million customers in 190 countries use AWS. That means a worldwide expansion of applications for the program. With developments in cloud computing, new careers become available, too!

If you're ready to work for one of the world's fastest growing companies, AWS is the place to start. Here are a few of the AWS jobs you can apply for once you're AWS certified and game to take on the world of cloud computing.

Cloud Software Engineer

With an AWS certificate, you can apply to become a cloud software engineer. This role allows you to put your Python, Ruby, JavaScript, or C++ programming skills to the test! As you support the development team, you'll design, migrate, and plan for the newest AWS systems.

Cloud software engineers also provide training sessions. As a result, you get to share your know-how with other members of the team!

AWS Solutions Architect

Develop strategic solutions to technical and product challenges as an AWS solutions architect.

You'll aid the business development team to help new industries adopt AWS, too. Plus, architects have the opportunity to work with alongside clients. That way, you have a hand helping the team build the best software and applications.

Architects are also the liaison between customers, engineers, and the support team. That means you'll share your knowledge with the entire AWS community, too.

AWS SysOps Administrator

If you're a smooth operator, AWS SysOps Administrator is the job title for you. Administrators are responsible for managing and maintaining the AWS software and virtual systems. 

You'll control data flow throughout AWS and decide on the services depending on various requirements. With your knowledge of operational best practices, security, and AWS systems, you're bound to excel in this role.

If you're still uncertain about starting one of these AWS jobs, be sure to check out these reasons to get AWS certified!

DevOps Engineer

Help improve businesses as a DevOps engineer. Your serious skills in developing and designing cloud solutions can help manage delivery systems like a pro.

DevOps Engineers also maintain the tools that automate operations. You'll install new systems on the AWS platform and watch those systems to boost the entire operating system.

The AWS platform's application systems are waiting for a DevOps Engineer expert, and it could be you if you get that certification! 

Put You Career on Cloud 9 With These AWS Jobs 

Once you have your AWS certificate, the skies the limit! There are so many more Amazon AWS jobs available to you, so you can find the one that best suits your abilities!

For those of you ready and eager to start the path towards your new career, visit ITJobCafe today to see what's available. You can also learn more about your future AWS cloud practitioner salary. 

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