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Quality Assurance Testing Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2020
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QA testing is important when deploying software. Explore the latest quality assurance testing trends that will pervade the software industry this year in 2020.

Quality assurance testing is that final edge to guarantee your product is ready and with all cutting edge ideas, you need to keep it up to date. QA testing can change as often as the technology they test.

As 2020 marches onward, the tech trends in QA testing will focus on speed, efficiency, and bringing things together. When pushing for a QA job, understanding these trends can help nail an interview.

Let's go over the details and learn about what the future has in store. 

The Trends for Best Quality Assurance Testing

The speed of technology is obvious to anyone paying attention. That means those working in technology fields, like QA testing, must learn to keep pace. Even the smallest of tweaks to tech can have major benefits and changes to a group.

These are some of the big ones in the past few months. 

1. Agile and DevOps

Agile and DevOps are the two shining new forms of requirement adaptation and speed of delivery. 

Agile is a process that breaks down the stages of creation so that QA testing can work throughout. This helps allow for changes down the line to be pre-tested and provides fewer issues all at once.

DevOps is an organization that integrates development and operations together. This hits more items at once to erase the need for backtracking, which slows the process.

Together they form a "Quality of Speed", which has become the mantra of the tech industry as a whole. 

2. Test Automation

Automation is upon us, and QA testing has taken it on full force. Any aspect of manual testing that automation can replace saves much time and uncertainty.

Automation isn't there to replace QA testers. Parameters for automation still needs guidance from people. Automation is only there to speed up tedious tasks to get the QA testers through more projects.

3. AI for Testing Purposes

AI has become an intriguing focus for many tech fields. As AI tests more and larger sections of data, QA testing may become more involved.

While still in the early stages, when AI can process massive mounds of data with efficiency and quality. This is another aspect of tedious QA testing that may move away from human hands. 

4. Tool Integration

The final, major trend focuses on bringing all the tools, departments, and minds together. With communication tech so prevalent and so many pieces of testing software, making it all talk together can speed up the process.

Each step of the process needs to have every eye on it. The fewer people that need to backtrack and double-check what has had testing and overview, the fewer delays in the project.

Integration is often a team effort and focuses on the management and connections the QA testing department has. 

Preparing Yourself for the IT Field

These trends may manifest themselves in a variety of forms, but their core function will soon be the common idea in quality assurance testing. Knowing this ahead of time will be key to success in the field. 

Now that you have a bit more prep work, you can start the process right. We can help you polish your resume and find you some quality assurance jobs today


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