Serverless Architecture: A Powerful Field in the Age of Technology
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Serverless technology is huge, and serverless architecture may be the fastest growing field out of all. Learn more about it and see if it's right for you!

Have you been wondering what this "virtual cloud" is that everybody is talking about? Wondering how it can help you streamline your business while also cutting costs?

Well implementing a serverless architecture may just be the perfect solution for you!

I know what you're thinking, "New isn't always better!"

The truth is, this is not a solution for everybody. However, there are many cases where this could revolutionize the way your business is run. Continue reading to see if a serverless application model is right for you!

Serverless Architecture: What Is It?

At its core, serverless architecture is a cloud-based application system that allows a third party cloud provider to fully manage your server for you. Serverless applications are event-triggered running in stateless compute containers and pricing is based on your number of executions.

That means no more having to purchase a certain compute capacity in advance, and accidentally purchasing more than you need. And if there's one thing we can all agree on, it is that spending more money than necessary is always a bad thing.

There are a plethora of cloud computing solutions, but the big dogs are going to be AWS Lambda, IBM OpenWhisk, and Google Cloud Functions.

How Can This Benefit You?

There are countless ways that switching to a serverless application model can benefit you, but we are only going to focus on 3 big ones. This being Pricing, Scaling, and Environments.

1. Pricing

When making a significant change, the question will always come up, "What is this going to cost me?"

The good news is that depending on what you are needing to accomplish, switching to a serverless solution could considerably decrease your current costs.

For years now, the cost of running and managing a 24/7 support team has been burning holes in the wallets of both you and your competitors.

No more!

Serverless is an execution-based model. The price will vary based on the number of executions as well as the amount of memory you require. This is great news for your wallet, as long as you don't need an execution of more than 300-seconds. 

2. Scaling

One of the best parts of a serverless application model is that scaling is smooth and automatic. 

How does this benefit you?

It means you only pay for what you are doing. That means whether the computing is at that max of 300 seconds or as small as 100 milliseconds, you only pay for what you actually compute.

3. Environments

The beauty of serverless is that setting up different environments is no longer a lengthy and tedious hassle. Gone are the days of having set up production machines, dev, and staging for each individual environment. 

Setting up different environments is now just as quick as setting up an individual one. Spend less time with the monotonous and more time with the productive!

Up, Up, and Away!

Now that you can clearly see the benefits of a serverless architecture, it's time for you to make the switch!

And if you are the curious type and would love to take a step into the world of cloud computing, check out our pages of job postings to see if there's one that's perfect for you!

It's time to join everyone else in the cloud.

In the iconic words of Star Command captain Buzz Lightyear:

"To infinity and beyond!"


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