Starting the Journey: Here's How to Get into Cyber Security, and What You'll Need Before You Start
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Have you ever wondered how to get into cyber security? We've got the answers you need in this article. Read on to learn more!

Now is the time to start thinking about how to get into cyber security as an IT professional. Cyber security professionals are in high demand and they’re paid well for it, commanding an average salary of $116,000 a year.

With the growing threat of security issues to businesses, there is no better time to jump into the cyber security world.

Do you want to know what it takes to become a cyber security professional? Read on to find out.

Starting from the Bottom? Work Your Way Up

For those who have little to no experience in IT, now is the time to brush up on those skills. No matter what industry or career path you have taken, cyber security skills will serve you well.

You’ll want to enroll in courses in your local community college or university to learn about basic IT infrastructure. Network management courses will provide a solid foundation in cyber security issues.

Once you have the knowledge you need, look for an entry level job to gain experience.

Already Have a Tech Background? Start Here

If you already have a tech background, there are ways you can leverage that to transition into a cyber security role. Software engineers, web developers, and programmers are already well-suited to a cyber security role.

You can add to your expertise by getting a security-related certification, such as Security+ or Certified Information Systems Security Professional.

You do need to be aware that as a cyber security professional, there will be more responsibility on your shoulders. You need to be mentally and emotionally prepared to take that responsibility on.

For example, if there’s a cyber security breach, a lot of people will be looking at you to find out why and how it happened. You may even be blamed for it. You need to be able to handle this criticism well in order to survive in this position.

Target Jobs and Companies

What kind of job and organization would you like to work for? The opportunities are seemingly limitless right now. You can be a security engineer, virus technician, or cryptographer.

In these roles, you’re auditing security weaknesses and developing plans to ensure that the systems aren’t breached.

The companies that you target include large organizations, government organizations, government contractors and small businesses.

How to get into cyber security is really about learning what you want from a job and finding an organization that's aligned with the vision you have. You want to get clear as to what you’re looking for in an organization, their values, and how your work fits in with their needs.

How to Get into Cyber Security Now

Getting a cyber security job can be a lucrative move and can pay big dividends in your career. Once you know how to get into cyber security, you can make a smooth transition to becoming a security expert.

If you’re starting from the bottom, there is a way to work your way up. Get the education, certifications, and training first. Then, use your personal networks and resources to get the jobs you want.

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