The Best Apps for IT Professionals
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IT workers need their tech to function flawlessly to do their jobs. Here are some of the best apps for IT professionals for both iOS and Android.

IT jobs are expected to have some of the fastest growth in the next decade. So if you plan on changing career paths to IT, now is the time to start!

If you want to be a step ahead of the rest, you'll want to show some proficiency with apps for IT professionals. Consider downloading these apps so you can get a head start! 

The Best Android Apps for IT Professionals

Juice SSH (Cost: Free or $5 for Pro)

Juice SSH is the best android SSH client. It has built-in support for SSH, Mosh, Telnet, and Local Shell. It also supports a color terminal and an external keyboard. 

For most, the free application will be enough. But for $5 you can unlock team collaborations and a snippets library for common commands. You also unlock a widget that gives quick access to frequent groups or connections.

Tasker (Cost: $3)

Out of all apps for IT professionals, this one is the most versatile. It uses coding logic to set up if-then statements. Essentially, if your device is in a certain context, then a certain action will take place. For example, you can change your device settings when you arrive work.

This may be complex for the average individual. But as an IT professional, you're likely well-versed in basic programming. Tasker has 200 built-in actions to choose from, so the only limit is your creativity.

Need some help? Consider reading this guide for ideas on how to make Tasker work for your benefit!

The Best iPhone Apps for IT Professionals

Mocha VNC (Cost: $5.99)

This virtual network computing (VNC) tool lets you use your iPhone to connect with your PC. It also offers a variety of encryption options for security. If you aren't sure it's for you, try Mocha VNC Lite to test it out first for free.

Spiceworks Help Desk (Cost: Free)

Spiceworks lets you monitor IT needs away from your desk. It works with a desktop module to let you stay up to date on your work even when you step away. It allows you to track network activity including any current open tickets and issues.

Use Spiceworks to respond to tickets, as well as open, close, and assign them. You can also use the app to track user contact information as well as other details.

The Best Multi-Platform Apps for IT Professionals

Evernote (Cost: Free)

This is the most popular note-taking app ever made, and with good reason. It does it all, letting you take notes in handwriting, via text, or by taking photos. Use their web clipping tool so you can capture a page of interest. 

Then, you can access the data via searchable notebooks. If you buy a premium plan ($7.99 per month), you can actually take a photo of text and it becomes searchable. Use the $14.99 per month per user business plan to share notes among your colleagues and make sure no one's out of the loop.

Dropbox (Cost: Free)

If you don't know about Dropbox, you should get in on the trend. If you need to share or access files between users or on the go, it's the perfect place. They've perfected cloud storage and even back up all files.

And you don't need to be online to access the files. You can share files to those without a Dropbox account with a simple private link. If you need more storage than the included 2 GB, consider a subscription for up to 1 TB of storage.

Ready for a Job in IT?

Now you know the best apps for IT professionals. We hope you find them handy!

If you're ready for a job in IT, IT Job Cafe has you covered. Use our job search to look for your dream job today!


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