The Most Important Skills You Need for IT Support Jobs
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IT support jobs hold promising futures, but before you jump in, make sure you have the right skills by reading up on this IT skill checklist.

Do you think that you have what it take to get an IT support job and have a thriving career? It’s a good choice, as the demand for IT support is due to grow over the next few years.

IT support jobs are is a high-pressure job. You have to have the right skill set to be able to make the best contribution to the company. Believe it or not, you need much more than tech skills to do well.

What are the top skills to need to excel in an IT support job? Keep reading to find out.

1. Technical Skills

First and foremost, you need to have a tech background to be in IT support. There is a broad range of technical skills that IT support jobs require.

The specific job requirements will vary from job to job. You can usually expect to see PC repair, network configuration, IT security, and troubleshooting as job requirements. You can add other sought-after IT skills to your resume, too.

How do you go about getting those skills? You can go to school and get a computer science degree. You could also get certifications and on the job experience.

2. Problem Solving Skills

You better love solving problems if you want a career in IT support. After all, that’s what you do all day. You’re given a complex technical problem and you have to think through the best solution.

This is a great job for you if you love to solve puzzles or want to spend your free nights hanging out at escape rooms.

3. Patience

For someone with advanced technical knowledge, it can be very difficult to work with people who can’t find the power button on their computer.

It’s easy to lose patience and come across as condescending. That’s the worst thing you can do in an IT support job.

You need to have patience and empathy for the people on the other end of the phone. When you can display those skills, your work will not go unnoticed.

4. Communication Skills

You can’t sit behind a desk and keep to yourself all day. You have to be able to interact and communicate with a wide range of people.

That can be everyone from the CEO to the front desk receptionist. You have to be able to explain technical issues in layman’s terms.

You also have to be able to write as well as you speak.

5. People-Skills

You need to have top-notch people skills. You have to love people and truly want to help them. That will come across in the work that you do.

Do You Have the Skillset for IT Support Jobs?

In a lot of IT jobs, you need to have much more than technical expertise. That is the reality with IT support jobs.

These jobs require a blend of technical acumen and soft skills. People who approach IT support with patience, compassion, and have the drive to solve problems do the best in this work.

If you think you have the skills required to thrive in an IT support role, search for the next step in your career today.


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