The Next Link in Your Career: Top 5 Blockchain Jobs of the Future
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The blockchain market is big right now. New advances mean more opportunities. Discover the top blockchain jobs of the future.

In 2017, blockchain technology around the globe was predicted to exceed $339.5 million. By 2021, this value is expected to exceed $2.3 billion.

With the growth in blockchain technology, new exciting opportunities and jobs are popping up. If you want to get in on what this industry has to offer, then learning about some of the newest and latest blockchain jobs can be extremely beneficial.

Keep reading to learn about some of the most innovative and exciting blockchain jobs of the future.

1. Media Opportunities

While blockchain is a growing technology, it’s still struggling to reach a wider audience. As a result, PR firms, advertising agencies, and media outlets dedicated specifically to blockchain are beginning to emerge.

YouTube vloggers and blockchain bloggers such as Crypt0 Ivan on Tech, and Ameer Rosic are just the first in a line of crypto journalists. This is a field that demands more innovation and may be the perfect place for you to find your new opportunity.

2. Cryptography

Because assets are continually moving online, the importance of cryptography is also growing. Blockchain is well known for its ability to protect and secure assets.

It’s cryptography that makes this possible. If cryptography isn’t appropriately employed, it can have devastating consequences for any company that depends on it for security.

Today, you can invest in your future by enrolling in high-level cryptography training. Now and in the future, this is going to be an invaluable job opportunity.

3. Blockchain Project Managers

The opportunities for project managers are also growing. This individual is responsible for converting a company’s needs in common English into technical language. This is sent to blockchain developers in their language and then converted back into regular English.

A project manager is typically the first person in any organization who is contacted when it is time to introduce blockchain and adapt it to the existing platforms. As a project manager, you have the responsibility to plan and supervise the execution of any blockchain project.

4. DApp Development

A blockchain project is only going to be successful if the decentralized applications people want to use are created. As a result, there’s going to be a huge focus on hiring various software designers who know how to create the dApps for mass market release.

Decentralized Facebook, anyone?

If you have these skills, then posting your resume for interested companies to find you is a good idea.

5. Legal Compliance

All around the globe, new laws and regulations are being put in place about how various cryptocurrencies can be used. This technology can be used to guild legal contracts.

As a result, law firms are going to need crypto experts. On the flip side, crypto businesses are going to need legal advisors.

Are Blockchain Jobs in Your Future?

The fact is, blockchain technology is going to continue to grow. As a result, the number of blockchain jobs available will continue to grow as well.

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