Top 5 Benefits and Applications of the Mobile Computing Field
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The mobile computing field is wide and has numerous opportunities. Here is in-depth coverage of the benefits and applications of the mobile computing niche.

It's no secret that mobile computing is changing the world. Once the stuff of science fiction, it has now become a commonplace feature of our world.

In basic terms, mobile computing involves the use of handheld or portable devices to transmit information, including voice and video data, over wireless networks. We're all pretty familiar with it by now, but let's take a look at five of the key benefits and advantages of mobile computing. 

1. Emergency Services

One of the obvious advantages of mobile computing is for emergency services and disaster response networks. 

For instance, high-quality mobile computing technology is a critical component in ambulances and for first responders. It allows EMS personnel to record and transmit data on their patients, updating critical care staff at the hospital and leading to faster response teams. 

In the case of more widespread disasters, decentralized networks are one of the key features of mobile computing. This ensures that communication is still possible, even if ground-based infrastructure is destroyed. 

2. Traffic

We've all been there. You get stuck in traffic, and you pull out your smartphone to check the road conditions, or the weather, or scroll through the latest local news. 

This is one of the more obvious mobile computing applications. We've all grown accustomed to using mapping apps on our smartphones to navigate, or listen to the latest podcast on the way to work. 

3. Business Convenience

One of the most beneficial characteristics of mobile computing is how it has changed the face of business. 

Whereas before it was necessary to physically be in an office to conduct business, mobile computing has changed the rules. Now, you can videoconference with clients using just your smartphone. And with cloud computing, you can access your business files from anywhere. 

In short, mobile computing makes remote working much more convenient, and blurs the lines between the home and the office. 

4. Entertainment and Education

When one thinks of mobile computing and its applications, this is probably what comes to mind first. 

There is, literally at our fingertips, an unparalleled wealth of information, news, and entertainment. From the latest blockbuster movie, to our favorite musical playlist, to the latest scientific discoveries—we have virtually unlimited access to these things through our mobile computing devices. 

5. The Evolution of Non-Fixed Networks

Since the days of the telegraph, communication networks have consisted of physical networks and costly telecommunications infrastructure. With the growth of mobile computing, this is becoming a thing of the past. 

Wireless networks are gradually shouldering the burden of human communications. This has led to a more connected world, and has created a feedback loop leading to more powerful mobile computing devices. 

For the future, that means the emergence of the so-called "Internet of Things," which will see almost everything wirelessly connected and transmitting data to the cloud. 

The Lowdown on Mobile Computing

So there you have it: five of the most significant applications and benefits of mobile computing. Of course, this is just a cursory list—over the coming decade, we can expect mobile computing to become an even more integral part of our everyday lives. 

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