What Are the Most in Demand Programming Languages Right Now?
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If you want to set yourself up for career success, you have to have the right skills. Here's what you need to know about the most in demand programming languages to boost your career.

Programmers in the past had it easy. They could get by knowing a single programming language for their whole careers. Now, you'll want to know three to five language before you start.

If you're looking for a job or upgrading your skills, you want to know what the most in demand programming languages are right now. You'll want to think about which ones you may need in the future as well.

We rounded up some of the top coding languages to learn if you want to land a job.

1. Java Is Still One of the Most in Demand Programming Languages

After 20 years, Java is still going strong, and it's used everywhere, in every industry. You'll see it in start-ups and big businesses alike.

You might wonder what's ahead for a 20-year-old language. Right now, Java powers Google's Android. This versatile language is also popular for programming APIs.

2. Python Is Powering AI

Python might be the most useful programming language of 2018. That might be thanks to the language's general purpose nature. The fact Google uses it doesn't hurt either.

Python is typically used for web development. It also powers developer support tools, data mining applications, and scientific computing.

The most interesting use for this language right now, though, has to be machine learning. As the AI revolution continues apace, demand for Python programmers will grow.

3. Swift Is an up and Coming Language

Among coding languages, Swift is relatively new. Apple launched it just four years ago, but programmers quickly fell in love with it. They prefer it to the older Objective-C.

Some have even named Swift one of the most loved programming languages.

Why bother learning Swift? For one thing, it's easier to read and write, since it acts more like native English. It's also used to power iOS apps, which continue to be a profitable market.

4. JavaScript Powers the Web

Did you know 95 percent of websites use JavaScript? That fact alone might just make JS the best programming language to learn for jobs.

This versatile language seems to be here for the long run too. Popular frameworks like AngularJS and Ember use JavaScript. In turn, they're powering the IoT, which is still growing as more devices come online.

5. C++ Is a Mainstay of Programming

Sometimes, you're better off sticking with something tried and true. Such is the case with C++. This language has been around since the 1980s, but demand doesn't seem to be disappearing.

Over the years, C++ has proven itself to be both reliable and versatile. Some major tech industry players have used it, including giants Microsoft and Oracle.

Languages Come and Go

Some of today's most in demand programming languages will someday decline. Many once-popular languages, like Perl and PHP, are being replaced by newer languages. Even new languages may sometimes fail to take off.

Languages come and go. The best thing you can do for your career is keep learning. By doing so, you can set yourself up for a long and rewarding programming career.


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