What is a Full Stack Developer and How Do You Become One?
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If you working in computer science, you've definitely heard the term "full stack developer" before. But what is it and how do you become one? Find out here.

In the growing world of software development, it seems like they are creating new jobs every day to counteract demand.

One of these new creative positions is that of the full stack developer.

The job of a full stack developer is so full of variety it can be kind of difficult to pinpoint what it is they do.

If you're interested in becoming a full stack developer and would like to know more about what the position entails, we can help.

Here's everything you need to know about what a full stack developer is and what you need to know to become one.

What Is a Full Stack Developer?

There is no single definition of a full stack developer as it changes depending on who you ask.

That said, all the various definitions do share a common thread that can give you a good idea of what you'll need to do as a full stack developer.

Generally speaking, a full stack developer takes care of the "full stack" of tasks during a software development project.

That's to say they are responsible for at least overseeing each element of a project. And to do that, they must have a basic understanding of what needs doing during each step or phase.

Full stack developers need to have an understanding of several aspects of software development. Everything from the programming to fundamental design elements can factor into their job.

Some full stack developers act like a brute force creator and take on the entire project themselves. But, others act more like managers, overseeing a team but understanding what each branch needs to do.

What You Need to Know

The key to becoming a full stack developer is having a clear understanding, if not mastery, of several programming languages. You also need to understand how to implement those languages.

As a full stack developer, you may take on projects that require you to work in languages like HTML, Java, Python, CSS, Ruby, Perl, PHP, to name a few.

You will also have to know how to use all the development frameworks and front-end technologies required for each of the languages.

Programming aside, you will also need to have some basic design skills to work successfully as a full stack developer.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Finally, having the necessary knowledge to work as a full stack developer does not automatically mean you will be successful as one.

Like with any other job, there is a specific personality and work-ethic required to work as a full stack developer.

Creativity is essential when working as a full stack developer because project design and solution finding rest on you.

There is also the possibility of having to work with and lead a team of developers. This aspect of the job means you will also need to have strong communication skills.

Finally, because you are, in essence, a project leader, you'll need to have strong time management skills. If your employer or client gives you a deadline, it's your job to make sure you meet it.

Which, means you're going to have to plan out every step of your project yourself. And you'll need to be able to stick to that schedule without outside instruction or guidance.

Becoming a Full Stack Developer

While being a full stack developer is a difficult job to take on, it can also be a highly rewarding experience.

So, you think you have what it takes to become a full stack developer?

If you're looking for a career change and would like to find a job as a full stack developer, we can help.

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