What Is Data Warehousing: Becoming a Data Warehouse Specialist
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If you're interested in becoming a technology expert, consider data warehousing. Find out here what is data warehousing and how to become a specialist.

As we continue to see big data trends growing and changing, we believe these trends mean good things for the data and IT job front. 

As big data grows, so must the ability to store, organize, and analyze data. That's where data warehouses come in. 

With data warehouses comes the need for data warehouse specialists. Whether managing data for one organization or helping track and store data for multiple companies, data warehouse specialists are in high demand. 

But, what is a data warehouse? Here's everything you need to know about it, and how to pursue a career as a data warehouse specialist. 

What is a Data Warehouse?

Data storage often lives in a "warehouse." But, it's not always a separate building.

However, "warehouse" buildings do exist. These buildings securely store massive amounts of electronic data from multiple organizations and companies. 

If a company's office isn't secure, they can use a data storage facility to store and protect sensitive customer information and private business data. 

Less literally speaking, the term "warehouse" refers to a collection of corporate data and information. This data comes from external data sources and operational systems.

Many companies rely on big data analysis to make business decisions. Using experts to house and manage your company's data can protect a company's most sensitive information and help drive successful business decisions. 

What is Data Warehousing? 

Data warehousing is the act of collecting, storing, organizing, and recalling the right information at the right time to help a business make good decisions. 

A company's data includes history, financials, customer behavior, and future plans. Analyzing historical data helps business owners and leaders make decisions to help their company serve clients, provide products, and grow in their industry. 

Without safe storage, access to your data, or the ability to understand it, a company's information and systems are useless for business. 

That's where data warehouse specialists play a crucial role in the future of many businesses. 

How to Become a Data Warehouse Specialist

A data warehouse specialist is a gatekeeper to a company's data.

When decision makers need business analysis, they must rely on a data warehouse specialist to find and collect the information they need to run analytics. 

A data warehouse specialist works closely with programmer and analysts to supply the right information as-needed. 

You don't need a specific degree to become a data warehouse specialist. Many companies look for a Bachelor's Degree in a related technology field.

However, if you have work experience and an understanding of data and programming languages, you can qualify for many available data warehouse specialist jobs. 

What is a Data Warehouse? Your Next Opportunity in the IT Job Market

If you want to grow your career in IT or start a new career in the information technology field, consider becoming a data warehouse specialist.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts this job field will grow at 11% through 2026--faster than most other industries.

So, why wait? Start your job search now by using our database of tech jobs. Your opportunity awaits! 


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