ITJobCafe: Looking to Enter the IT Industry? Here Are the Highest Paying Jobs


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Are you considering entering the IT industry? If so, consider applying for one of these jobs; not only are they in high demand, but they also pay well.

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Are you ready to take the next big step in your career? Looking for a field to thrive in and make money even at an entry-level IT job? The IT industry rising is not new, but it is something you can take advantage of.

The IT industry has tons of different jobs, and many of them pay extremely well even if you're just getting started. It's a great next career choice, especially if you know the type of job you want.

All the IT Industry Offers

Jobs in IT tend to be secure and offer opportunities to improve your skills and advance to new positions. If you're looking for a challenging field that continues to grow and change every day, the IT industry is where you want to be. A lot of IT jobs don't just offer personal growth but a great salary as well. Here are some of the highest paying IT jobs available. 

Big Data Engineer

This job involving taking lots of data and turning it into usable information to help with decisions and business strategies is by far one of the highest paying IT jobs

Mobile Application Developer

With smartphones becoming more and more an everyday item, being able to design company-specific applications is a growing field that offers a big payout. This job may not start off at the highest salary, but if you are good at what you do you could be making six figures with this career field. 

Information Systems Security Manager

With so much private information present on the internet today this IT security career is very necessary and well-paid. This position keeps company data secure while keeping others out, and staying up to date with the latest government regulations and security innovations.

Data Scientist

This is one of the many entry-level IT jobs that pay well and can lead to even greater growth the better you become. Making sense of difficult datasets to help a company or business improve their practices and maximize profits it a very desirable skill set, and can lead you to a very high paying career.

Software Engineer

This job is one of the many examples of how varied IT positions are. Software engineers can work in app development for a phone app, computer software, and more.

There are a lot of options in this field to explore, and a lot of money in it as well. This job also isn't going anywhere as many businesses and companies need and utilize software engineers for innumerable projects and products.

Find Your Career

The IT industry is only growing and expanding. Not only are you likely to find a career, but you're also likely to find a high paying career that allows you to grow and improve along with your salary. Entry-level IT jobs often pay higher than many other jobs and allow you to make a solid career and living if you have the necessary skills.

Ready to start your next career? Shape up that resume and start working towards a job that pays more than just a living wage. And if you found this helpful, check us out for more great tips and insights into the IT career field. 

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