ITJobCafe: The Highest Paying Tableau Software Jobs, and How You Can Get One


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Are you considering a Tableau Job? Here are some of the highest-paid tableau software jobs and what you need to do to obtain one of them.

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Tableau is a rapid-fire business intelligence software that helps companies make decisions quickly based on data. It provides graphical visualization tools that help showcase analytics in an easy to understand way.

As a result of the digital age, Tableau is fast becoming one of the most demanded software skills for companies of all kinds. Here are the highest paying Tableau jobs and how you can score one for yourself.

The Highest Paying Tableau Jobs

Tableau is a software used for data analysis. Companies use this for projecting growth and minimizing unnecessary costs.

If you're interested in learning Tableau, there are tutorials available. Experience with the software is in hot demand, as companies now more than ever are trying to maximize their growth.

The pay reflects this as well. According to PayScale, salaries related to having Tableau software skills average around $75,000.

Here are the higher-end jobs and their associated salaries:

Data Analyst

The data analyst position averages its annual salaries anywhere from $65,000 up to $90,000. That's a wide margin-- and that's because different companies have different needs for their analysts. 

Companies that require hefty data analysis will often promote from within to make their analysts Senior Data Analysts. The pay can increase into the six-figures for this promotion.

Marking Tableau experience as a skill can improve your findings when searching for a tech position.

Business Intelligence Analyst

A business intelligence analyst is someone who operates similar to a data analyst but does so for the purposes of increasing business revenue and mitigating costs.

The annual salary averages around $80,000 with a high of around $110,000.

Analytics Consultant

An analytics consultant is often responsible for developing and implementing solutions for their company using their analytic. They create data mining projects and are used for big-picture projects, such as increasing consumer brand awareness.

The primary role is creating business reports for their users through Tableau software.

The average annual salary is around $85,000.

Analytics Manager

An analytics manager performs many of the same roles as an analytics consultant. The addition is that an analytics manager will manage a team of people as well.

The manager's responsibilities are to find places of growth for the company and leverage the team's skillset to work more effectively and better understand datasets within the organization.

An analytics manager averages around $96,000 annually. Experienced analytics managers will have the opportunity to raise that salary above $100,000.

Director of Analytics

The director of analytics for a company has an average salary of $123,000, with highs nearing the $200K mark.

The director leads the team and makes decisions that have huge ramifications for the entire organization. They identify patterns in aggregate data to discern quantifiable risks as well as opportunities to increase revenue.

Directors will utilize both mathematical skills as well as managerial skills in order to perform adequately.

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