ITJobCafe: The Most in Demand IT Certifications You Need Right Now


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If you are looking to enter the IT field or trying to get a raise, obtaining some of these IT certifications can help you reach your career goals.

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It is no doubt that technology is at the core of our everyday lives. Businesses all around the world rely on IT systems to run their operations and deliver exceptional service.

Companies, though are still struggling to find experienced and knowledgeable IT professionals.

This is why owning great IT skills can be very lucrative. How can you achieve this? By obtaining one or more IT certifications.

But with so much choice out there, how can you pick the ones that are truly going to increase your value and land you more job opportunities

Read our guide below: we are going to reveal to you what the best IT certifications are, and which one you should get according to your professional profile and goals.

For the Tech Newbie

Are you starting from scratch? Don't worry, you can still learn the essentials and secure a good job in IT.

One of the best IT certifications online for beginners is ITIL Foundation. As the name suggests, this course will teach you basic IT concepts and processes, as well as how to transfer that knowledge to the business field.

Another great thing about this certification is the fact that, once you've passed the initial level, you can then progress on to the following courses. This means that you can continue to strengthen your IT knowledge and aim to pursue more ambitious career goals.

For the Experienced Tech-Head

There are lots of amazing opportunities out there for even the most seasoned IT expert. One of the best, and most profitable, is the Google IT certificate for professional cloud architects.

This is a new credential that was launched in 2017, and it's suited to those who are interested in learning how to design, develop, and manage cloud architecture

One of the best features of obtaining this certification? The salary. A qualified GCP Cloud Architect is among the highest paid IT jobs in the US, with yearly paychecks in excess of $175,000.

For the Security-Savvy Professional

If you are an IT professional with a penchant for cybersecurity, then you should consider the ISACA’s Certified Information Security Manager course.

Enabling you to potentially turn over more than $140,000 a year, this certification will equip you with all the best and most up-to-date insight into the complex world of IT security. This is ideal if you plan to move from being an IT security technologist to an IT security manager.

With the COVID-19 pandemic generating many new security concerns for businesses worldwide, you can rest assured that this type of skills will be in even higher demand. 

Ready to Pursue One of These IT Certifications?

Now that you know what the most in-demand IT certifications, and which one best fits with your professional interests and objectives, you can look into enrolling and revamping your IT career.

And if you want to browse for great jobs in the IT sector, then check out our website now.

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