ITJobCafe: Why Social Media Recruiting Is Increasing in Popularity

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Social media recruiting is becoming more popular due to the amount of data available on individuals from these platforms.

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Did you know that roughly 70% of adults are active on Facebook? Social media is slowly reaching the furthest corners of the globe. As such, it won’t be long before everyone uses at least some form of social media — whether it’s messenger apps or LinkedIn.

This is fertile ground for social media recruiting. This type of recruiting uses these popular sites and apps to reach a wider number of job applicants and brand awareness.

Let’s find out why more and more employers are turning to this method of recruitment.

It Helps Employers Find People Specifically Suited to the Job

One great thing about social media is it provides easily accessible career information to employers. This means that recruiters can find out information about your job history and college major on the internet.

This is ideal for both the employer and the recruits they’re looking for. For example, let’s say you’re looking for an IT job through recruitment. If you join relevant groups, like the right career pages and post field-related content, then a recruiter is sure to notice you.

Improves Engagement With The Employer's Brand

Even if a recruiter doesn’t hire anyone, that doesn’t mean their social media recruitment wasn’t successful. A big part of recruiting is running ads on the relevant platforms. So, even if they didn’t hire anyone, they promoted their brand.

This gradual promotion is integral for building trust among potential employees. As the company continues to build a social media presence, they’re more likely to attract qualified followers interested in working for their company.

Allows the Employer to Screen Potential Employees

Potential employees beware: recruiters are likely to check out your social media profile. This can help them quickly screen out potentially problematic individuals.

For example, if a candidate is posting offensive content, then it might be an indicator that they aren’t a good fit for the employer. As such, this screening can help the company avoid a potentially damaging decision.

Speeds Up the Job Hunt Process

There’s a reason why 37% of recruiters use social media to find their candidates. On top of great data analytics and applicant pools, it’s also quick. No more waiting months or years to find the perfect employee. Instead, employers can find an ideal candidate in a matter of weeks.

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We hope this article helped you find out why social media recruiting is growing in popularity. If you’re a potential job applicant, then it’s important to use social media to your advantage.

Maintaining a clean profile and joining job community groups is a great way to get yourself noticed. However, you can’t expect employers to do all the work. Browsing job pages is still an important part of finding employment.

Luckily, sites like ITJobCafe make it easy to find unique jobs that are tailored to your skills. Search some of the jobs on our site today to find employment in no time.

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