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The world of coding is vast and there are many different languages to learn. But some of these languages are considered more valuable in the workforce than others.

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Here’s a list, starting with SQL, which is currently the language most desired by those employing computer programmers. Coding could be the skill that changes your career trajectory, and this list is a place to start.


SQL is used by large companies to update or retrieve information from a database. Corporations with huge amounts of information within their database rely on those with an understanding of SQL to analyze that data to better understand their audience and help determine which directions to move in going forward.


Java is a programming language used to create applications on your computer. It is an object-oriented programming language, meaning its focus is on objects rather than actions. It is so ubiquitous that chances are you have downloaded Java onto your computer before in order to run a program, even if you didn’t know you were doing it at the time.


Despite the similarities in their name, Java and JavaScript are extremely different beasts to tame in the world of coding. JavaScript is primarily a scripting language used within HTML pages and is utilized by the majority of the websites you visit.


C# (pronounce “See Sharp,” like the music note) is a C-variant programming language, meaning that much of the syntax and structure will help in learning other languages, such as C++ and Java. C# was developed and is still maintained by Microsoft, and more features are always being added. It is used as the go-to choice for most programmers building Windows desktop applications.


C++ is another C-variant language and is popular in some circles for game development, as well as at many large banking institutions.


Python is a scripting language like JavaScript, but the two still have differences between them in terms of syntax and execution. Python is considered by many to be one of the more simple coding languages to learn, as it places less of an emphasis on syntax than other languages. If you forget your parentheses or misplace a few semicolons, it shouldn't trip you up as much as it might if you were coding in another one.

Ruby On Rails

Ruby on Rails is a web-application framework written in Ruby, an object-oriented programming language. Many top sites including Hulu, Twitter, Airbnb, and Groupon use Rails in building their web applications.


Swift is a programming language created by Apple for iOS. Through Swift you can create your own iPhone applications and release them on the App Store. 


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