5 Best Practices to Land Data Scientist Job
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The lack of skilled IT workers is hurting the deployment of emerging technology, according to a new survey from Gartner. In areas from cloud to cybersecurity, this crisis is expected to last for years to come.

Before we begin, let’s take a look at the latest findings on data scientist jobs in USA.

1.      A study by McKinsey projects that “by 2018, the U.S. alone may face a 50 - 60% gap between supply and demand of deep analytic talent.”

2.      Harvard Business Review called ‘Data Scientist’ the sexiest job of 21st century.

3.      Glassdoor ranked ‘Data Scientist’ as the best job to pursue in 2016.

There is a deluge of opportunities in the data science field. If you are excited about pursuing this challenging and lucrative career, here are some best practices to land you the best job.

Build a Captivating Portfolio:
Employers hire candidates who demonstrate that they are worth their salt, especially for fresher jobs.  So, build a portfolio that testifies to your expertise and experience. Walk the employer through the best data science projects you worked on as part of your previous job, part-time job, internship or course. If you have any online presence like a blog or website that showcases your work and skills in the field, do mention it. Your portfolio makes the first impression on employers. Build a captivating one to make it the best impression.

Create your personal brand:
Once you are ready with the portfolio, it is time to make your way into the data science field. Start with building network among data scientists.  You would need the support of people who can carry a word about your skills to the employer and help you with job search.  They give access to job opportunities that are not found even on the best jobs posting sites and are filled through referrals. 

Interact with data scientist community and participate in solving real world problems. This will enable you build a portfolio and personal brand, necessary to land a job.

Get a mentor: 
Channel some of your networking efforts towards finding a good mentor. During job search, your will not know what companies are looking for and how to prepare for interviews. Only someone who has been in a hiring position would be able to advice you on this. He can also connect you to other data scientists holding key roles in various companies and also job opportunities in the field. Guidance of a mentor is especially necessary to land fresher jobs.

Participate in activities:
Join data scientist groups and forums online.  Participate in data science events in your city where you can meet established and aspiring data scientists. Learn what kind of challenges they face on job and how they deal with them.  Interactions with them can also unearth hidden job opportunities. Follow the best data scientists on Twitter and LinkedIn. Keep checking data science Podcasts.  

Prepare for the Interview:
To face an interview for fresher job in data science, you need to do some targeted preparation. The interview is usually a mix of technical and non-technical questions including a few about your background and those from data science and machine learning. Brush up the technical subjects. List down frequently asked questions, frame impressive responses, and practice mock interviews.

Getting a fresher job in data science can be challenging. But by following these five effective job search techniques, you will succeed for sure.  



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