Are Tech Professionals Working More Than One Job?
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Are many technology professionals working more than one job?

That’s a question we posed to our audience on LinkedIn, and 2,885 visitors responded. The results are below; while it’s important to caveat that not all responses might have come from those working in tech, we’re proceeding under the assumption that many of those following Dice on LinkedIn are either tech professionals or work in a tech-adjacent role of some kind.

How Many Jobs Do You Have?

The reasons for potentially working multiple jobs are vast; some might need the extra income, while others are planning on jumping careers and need to build up some experience in a completely new area. With the tech unemployment rate currently hovering at around 1.8 percent (despite a steady drumbeat of high-profile layoffs), there are certainly opportunities out there for those with the right combination of skills and experience.

No matter how many jobs they work, many technology professionals are also interested in changing employers. According to the most recent Dice Tech Sentiment Report, 52 percent of tech pros are likely to switch jobs in 2023, up from 44 percent last year. Their preference for remote work is also rising steadily, from 53 percent in 2021 to 60 percent in 2022. (Depending on scheduling and workload, all-remote jobs also make it easier to work multiple gigs at once.)

Many tech professionals also want to work fewer days per week. According to Forbes, 33 companies in the U.S. and Ireland trialed a four-day workweek over a six-month period and found that many of those companies wanted to maintain the four-day workweek even after the trial concluded: “Companies in the research reported revenues that rose 8 percent over the study period, burnout scores that fell for two-thirds of employees and an amount of sick or personal leave time that declined by roughly a couple of hours a month.”

Whatever your work choices, keep in mind that burnout is a serious thing. Depending on your manager, you can often negotiate your workload if you’re feeling overstretched or exhausted.

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