Demand for Full Stack Developers Tops the List in 2022
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Full stack developers are among the most sought after professionals in software development.

It’s true that being a specialist in one’s field and gaining mastery of a particular aspect of technology has distinct advantages, but as technology rapidly expands and evolves, many companies are seeking talented developers who are able to understand and work on both the front and back end to create a usable end product with little input or support. 

Why Full-Stack Developers are in Demand

Today full-stack developers are in high demand, and that demand is rising. 

These skilled developers are often working with much larger and more complicated websites and technologies, and more layered stacks than in the past. 

While one person can’t always do it all, it’s beneficial for businesses to hire candidates who understand the full stack. 

The full-stack developer is an effective and experienced generalist with a wide base of knowledge and more narrow scope of specialization, who understands both their capabilities and limitations.

They can do both types of web development. They have a wide variety of skills that enable them to build, manage, and improve server-side operating systems, databases, libraries, and frameworks, while also understanding the UX design needs of a web or mobile application. 

Their skill sets allow them to move seamlessly between the frontend and backend, which makes them highly valued and in-demand tech professionals.

The Full-Stack Developer Skills

As HackerRank details, on a broader level, the skills often required for the full-stack developer include the ability to:

  • Comfortably write both front- and back-end code to some extent.

  • Generate a minimal viable product on their own with little, if any, support from others.

  • Provide expert-level specialty in a select handful of technologies.

  • how, at minimum, a basic understanding of technologies they don’t specialize in.

Essential Full-stack skills required in 2022

Developers who understand the whole stack are going to build better applications. And they need an entire range of skills to become successful:

  1. Front-end skills: They should be well-versed with basic front-end technologies like HTML5, CSS3, ReactJS, AJAX, jQuery and JavaScript. They should also be comfortable working with front-end frameworks or third-party libraries such as JQuery, SASS, and AngularJS.

  2. Back-end Skills: Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Python, SQL, Flask, JAVA, the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP), MongoDB, Redis, Oracle and SQLServer, web services.

  3. Other Skills: Web architecture, Git and GitHub, HTTP and REST, Database storage, Design fundamentals (prototype design and UI/UX design), NPM.

  4. Soft Skills: attention to detail, organization and prioritization, communication.

Bright Career Prospects

The rapid pace of change in technology has made full-stack developers an asset to any company. 

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data full-stack development job opportunities will increase from 135,000 to 853,000 by the year 2024. 

Many companies are seeking developers who are able to work on various domains and fulfill multiple roles, as opposed to finding and hiring multiple people who are narrowly focused. 

Not only can this be more cost-effective, but it also enables one person to manage and understand the pieces of a project, avoiding miscommunication and knowledge silos.

The top industries hiring for this type of talent include computer software, IT and services, Internet, financial services, and higher education.

Average salary in USA, in 2022

Based on 10000 salaries, the average full stack developer salary in the USA is $110,507 per year or $56.67 per hour. Entry level positions start at $93,116 per year while most experienced workers make up to $145,673 per year.



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