Increased trust on cloud security opens opportunities for cyber security professionals
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The lack of skilled IT workers is hurting the deployment of emerging technology, according to a new survey from Gartner. In areas from cloud to cybersecurity, this crisis is expected to last for years to come.

Companies across industries now prefer cloud over on-premise for their security

operations, revealed a survey commissioned by Schneider Electric. Findings from

analysis of responses from 300 IT and security professionals are:

1. 42% of respondents are already running their security applications in cloud. 45%

said they are likely to transition security operation to cloud soon.

2. 57% of professionals surveyed believe that cloud is secure. 18% are still skeptic.

3. Close to three fourths of surveyed professionals ranked network security among

important features for security systems in their organizations.

Why is there this shift in preferences from traditional on-premise set-up to cloud based


Well, the reason is that cloud security solutions are out-performing the traditional ones

in some key areas:

? Ability to be proactive: Cloud technologies are on-demand, which helps them

deal with threats that occur due to updates

? Expenses: Most of the on-demand cloud security services charge for usage, not

for licenses. So, you will pay only for what you use.

? Ability to integrate technologies: Devops and security, complement each other

when security is outside the development and deployment platforms. This

facilitates seamless integration of security and devops.

Schneider’s survey indicates barriers that companies should overcome to shift to cloud.

1. 54% of respondents said that the existing security systems are not fit to adopt

emerging technologies.

2. 95% of business leaders are supportive of emerging technologies. However,

barriers like unfriendly procedures and ROI still exist in the way of adopting the


3. Around to 80% respondents recognize the importance of integrating security

systems with other infrastructure as part of the organization’s cloud strategy.

Integration is however still a bottleneck to achieving security goals.

This situation raises demand for cyber security professionals with exceptional skills. A

study by Cloud Security Alliance revealed that nearly 65 percent of IT professionals

trust the security of cloud computing over their on-premise systems. The survey also

found that it is the absence of skilled cyber security professionals that leads to cloud-

based data loss.

Some more findings from the report are:

? Keeping in mind the fact that security breaches are costly, companies are opting

for cyber security insurance to help cover costs.

? 24.6 per cent of companies said that they would pay ransom to hackers to

prevent a cyber attack.

? 14 per cent are willing to pay more than $1 million to keep their data safe.

Cloud solutions too come with their set of challenges. However, IT professionals across

industry are more inclined towards implementing cloud security solutions than traditional

systems, despite the cloud security risks. No matter where companies store their data,

skilled cyber security professionals are necessary to apply and monitor the security



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