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Why follow-up?

The simple answer is, because other candidates won’t.

By taking the initiative to keep a conversation with your interviewer going, you’re instantly setting yourself apart from the competition, and making yourself more memorable as a result.

At the very least, it’s a polite way to follow up proceedings and thank a recruiter for their time. And no matter how your interview went, impeccable manners are always a good look.

When should I follow up?

The faster you can get in touch, the better.

You don’t necessarily have to draft an email the minute you leave the room, but making sure you get back to them within a day should have the most impact, and ensure you’re kept front of mind when they start shortlisting candidates.

If 24 hours just isn’t doable, getting back to them within a few days is probably the upper limit for a convincing thank you follow-up.

How long should it be?

If in doubt, keep it concise.

It’s a short note, not another cover letter. A few simple paragraphs are more than enough to get your point across, without boring your potential boss into submission.

What should I say?

The clue’s kind of in the name with this one. However, aside from a well-written thank you, there are a few other things you could choose to include.

Try reiterating the value you can add to the business, without being too pushy or trying to sell yourself too hard. Think of it more as a simple reminder about why you feel you’re right for the role.

You could also refer back to any points in the interview that the recruiter seemed to take particular interest in. Whether it’s a personal or professional point, showing that you’ve taken on board what they’ve said and remembered a specific question or conversation, can go a long way to impress.

It may also help jog their memory when making their decision.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Finally, always remember why it is you’re writing. It’s a thank you letter, not a sales pitch. So don’t come on too strong, or desperate to impress.

Also, never rule out the possibility of mistakes. Asking a friend or family member to check a few simple paragraphs may seem like overkill, but if you really want the role it’s time worth taking.

Keep it professional, polite and to the point. You can’t really go wrong.
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