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The 14 Highest Paying Tech Jobs in US
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The lack of skilled IT workers is hurting the deployment of emerging technology, according to a new survey from Gartner. In areas from cloud to cybersecurity, this crisis is expected to last for years to come.

Glassdoor's list is ordered by average base salary. For a job title to be considered, it had to have received at least 100 salary reports shared by U.S.-based employees over the past year (similar job titles were grouped together; C-suite level jobs were excluded).

Glassdoor also says it applies "a proprietary statistical algorithm to estimate annual median base pay, which controls for factors such as location and seniority."

According to Glassdoor, tech and health care industries are the go-to fields with the highest paying salaries. Jobs in the medical field took the top 4 spots.

Despite health care's top billing on the list, tech is the true dominant force with the highest paying job in the industry being enterprise architect. It has a median base salary of $122,585.

Here is the full list of the 25 highest-paying jobs in the U.S.:

  1. Physician: $193,415 base salary
  2. Pharmacy Manager: $144,768 base salary
  3. Dentist: $142,478 base salary
  4. Pharmacist: $126,438 base salary
  5. Enterprise Architect: $122,585 base salary
  6. Corporate Counsel: $117,588 base salary
  7. Software Engineering Manager: $114,163 base salary
  8. Physician Assistant: $113,855 base salary
  9. Corporate Controller: $113,368 base salary
  10. Software Development Manager: $109,809 base salary
  11. Nurse Practitioner: $109,481 base salary
  12. Applications Development Manager: $107,735 base salary
  13. Solutions Architect: $106,436 base salary
  14. Data Architect: $104,840 base salary
  15. Plant Manager: $104,817 base salary
  16. IT Program Manager: $104,454 base salary
  17. Systems Architect: $103,813 base salary
  18. UX Manager: $102,489 base salary
  19. Site Reliability Engineer: $100,855 base salary
  20. Cloud Engineer: $98,626 base salary
  21. Attorney: $97,711 base salary
  22. Data Scientist: $97,027 base salary
  23. Information Security Engineer: $95,786
  24. Analytics Manager: $95,238 base salary
  25. Financial Planning & Analysis Manager: $94,874

Only six job positions aren't making six figures, same as last year.

The fight for tech talent continues to drive competitive salaries, Stansell said. The industry is so hot right now, that once-traditional roles, such as software engineering manager or data scientist, are springing up across other industries.

"Not only are tech employers fighting for these individuals, companies in other industries like retail and health care, are also trying to hire these highly-skilled workers. The competition is pretty fierce," Stansell said.

Data scientist came in 22nd on the list, with a median salary of $97,027, but it has other upsides as well, said Stansell. "Data scientists come up on our highest paying jobs lists, as well as some of our other lists like best jobs.

Not only are data scientists really well paid, they're also satisfied and pretty happy with their jobs as well," she said. And if there weren't already enough reasons for data scientist to love their jobs, it is also a position that some say is recession-proof.

Staying power

Going forward, Glassdoor predicts jobs like data scientistdata architect, and analytics manager will continue to pay top dollar. The main reason is that the number of people with these niche skills is low, while demand for them is high.

"Our research shows that tech companies will also offer appealing compensation packages that make employees want to stay. These companies tend to hire both tech and non-tech roles, so anyone looking for a new job might consider stepping into the tech industry."


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