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Top 10 Cities for Tech Jobs Show Hiring Strength Nationwide
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If the past few years have made anything in the tech industry clear, it’s this: the nation’s “tech hubs” are no longer restricted to Silicon Valley, Seattle, and New York City. From California to Texas to Washington, DC, centers of tech innovation have sprung up in numerous cities, attracting technologists and companies.

CompTIA’s latest Tech Jobs Report underscores this cross-country rise; as you can see from the chart below, cities such as Washington, DC, Dallas, Chicago, and Los Angeles all handily outpaced San Francisco, San Jose, and Seattle with regard to monthly job postings:

Top Metro Areas for Tech Job Postings

Top Metro Areas for Tech Job Postings

Meanwhile, New York City held the top spot in September—as it has for several months. That should refute any lingering fears that the pandemic would permanently core out the Big Apple’s job growth. Although Meta recently announced it would close a New York office as part of a broader consolidation, other tech giants have established a significant footprint in the area. New York’s combination of universities, venture funding, office space, and amenities remain incredibly attractive to startups, as well.

Dallas’s presence on the list is a sign that tech job momentum in Texas remains strong. The Lone Star State spent years positioning itself as the nation’s most attractive place for tech companies, thanks to a business-friendly tax code and a huge pool of tech talent. Large tech companies such as Oracle, Apple and Tesla answered that call by setting down significant roots in Austin, Dallas, and other cities.

The rise of remote work allowed more technology professionals to work from anywhere, which helped foster tech-centric communities in metro areas that previously had a negligible tech hub. That’s good news for local companies that desperately need tech talent but weren’t able to find it—and for technology professionals who don’t want to move to a major tech hub.

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