Top 15 programming languages to land a programmer job
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The lack of skilled IT workers is hurting the deployment of emerging technology, according to a new survey from Gartner. In areas from cloud to cybersecurity, this crisis is expected to last for years to come.

Here is the list of top programming languages programmers are using: 

  1. JavaScript: Despite slowing browsers down and occasionally exposing users to security vulnerabilities, JavaScript is a super popular coding language in the modern web development market. 

  2. Java: Java is crucial in building business software and Android apps, and this has made it the most popular programming language in the world. 

  3. Python: It popularity can be attributed to its simpler syntax and high code reliability. Programmers also suggest that Python is the easiest language to get started with. 

  4. Ruby: True to the language’s official motto, Ruby is ‘a programmer’s best friend’. Ruby and its add-on framework Rails, are easy to use and popular in the web app development space. Ruby code is easy to read and write.

  5. PHP: Some estimates say that PHP is the technology behind one-third of the web. Not that explains how incredibly PHP is in the web development world. Big sites like WordPress, Facebook and Yahoo are built on PHP. 

  6. C++: Microsoft Windows and Google Chrome are written in C++. This robust replacement of C, is an incredibly popular choice of developers. 

  7. CSS: Cascading Style Sheet is not a functional programming language but plays a critical role in how websites look. It is used to design the format and layout of websites. 

  8. C#: Pronounced as C-sharp, is another variant of C, developed by Microsoft to power some of its products.

  9. C: C programming language, is still popular among older generation of software developers. It works on any computing platform, is stable and known to programmers worldwide.

  10. Go: Go was created by Google, to primarily address scalability challenges. The language is appreciated for its reliability and stability. It has only a committed developer community and is yet to join the mainstream programming languages. 

  11. TypeScript:  A young programming language, in terms of language standards, TypeScript was developed by Microsoft. It improves developer productivity by allowing them to type check code.  

  12. Shell: Shell is not exactly a programming language. A Shell script instructs the Operating system to run a set of commands. 

  13. Swift: Swift was released by none other than Apple as a better alternative to build software. It is being used popularly to build iPhone apps.   

  14. Scala: Scala comes to rescue when large-scale software has to be built. It was designed as an alternative to Oracle’s Java. 

  15. Objective C: Objective C is an off-shoot of C language. Its popularity stems from that it is used to build iPhone apps.  


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