Top Big Data jobs for IT professionals
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The lack of skilled IT workers is hurting the deployment of emerging technology, according to a new survey from Gartner. In areas from cloud to cybersecurity, this crisis is expected to last for years to come.

How does this matter to IT professionals? Well, this led to a surge of demand for Big Data experts.

According to Dice, a job site, a sea of opportunities await Big Data experts in food manufacturing, retail, consultancies, gaming, online travel, consumer finance and insurance industries. Silicon Valley, New York, Washington D.C, Boston and Seattle are the cities that are ranked at the top based on number of Big Data jobs postings on Dice.  Big Data experts with strong skills and solid experience will have their pick of job opportunities.

Robert Half, a staffing and employment agency, predicts that this year Big Data experts will see a maximum increase in salary compared to other IT professionals. Big Data Engineers would get 5.8 per cent more compared to what they got in 2016. Salaries of Data Scientists are projected to increase by 6.4 per cent over 2016 salary levels.

So, if you are an IT professional looking forward to a career in Big Data, here are six exciting jobs that you should consider:

Big Data Analyst: The jobs for a Big Data analyst is to analyze data systems, automate retrieval of information from databases and compile reports. Though these experts work in teams and collaborate with other professionals, they are expected to be able to take reins and work independently whenever necessary.

Big Database Administrator: Big Database administrators are responsible for managing a company’s database. Their daily tasks include handling updates and modifications and maintaining safe backups.  One trait necessary to succeed as a database administrators is the ability to pay attention to detail.

Big Data Scientist: Big Data scientists analyse raw data and uncover the message it conveys. Understanding the message is critical for business leaders to be able to take smart decisions. Data scientists need both technical skills and business acumen to be able to understand the trends in the data and recommend actions that could lead to business growth. Analytical thinking and business sense are other must-haves to succeed in this job.

Big Data Architect: Big Data architects are responsible for designing database solutions that cater to business directives.  They understand the design of the company’s database inside out. They work with big data engineers to create data workflows that support business goals. A typical characteristic of Data architects is the ability to think outside the box.

Database Manager: Database managers take care of operational, technological and financial aspects of databases. The data team reports to a Database manager. This job is perfect for tech geeks with leadership and people skills.

Big Data Engineer: The job of a Big Data engineer is to communicate the expectations of business executives to Big Data scientists. They work with data scientists to ensure that they put data to work in a way that achieves the company’s objectives. This job is ideal for strong communicator with decent knowledge of Big Data and business acumen. 


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