Why Tech Pros Must Acquire AI Skills
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The lack of skilled IT workers is hurting the deployment of emerging technology, according to a new survey from Gartner. In areas from cloud to cybersecurity, this crisis is expected to last for years to come.

This ability to learn is a key component of AI.

A paper published by the MIT Task Force on the Work of the Future entitled “Artificial Intelligence And The Future of Work,” looked closely at developments in AI and their relation to the world of work. The paper paints a more optimistic picture.

Rather than promoting the obsolescence of human labor, the paper predicts that AI will continue to drive massive innovation that will fuel many existing industries and could have the potential to create many new sectors for growth, ultimately leading to the creation of more jobs.

AI Is becoming standard in all businesses, not just in the world of tech. In fact, 90% of leading businesses already have ongoing investment in AI technologies. More than half of businesses that have implemented some manner of AI-driven technology report experiencing greater productivity.

AI is likely to have a strong impact on certain sectors in particular:


The potential benefits of utilizing AI in the field of medicine are already being explored. The medical industry has a robust amount of data, which can be utilized to create predictive models related to healthcare. Additionally, AI has shown to be more effective than physicians in certain diagnostic contexts.


We’re already seeing how AI is impacting the world of transportation and automobiles with the advent of autonomous vehicles and autonomous navigation. AI will also have a major impact on manufacturing, including within the automotive sector.


Cybersecurity is front of mind for many business leaders, especially considering the spike in cybersecurity breaches throughout 2020. Attacks rose 600% during the pandemic as hackers capitalized on people working from home, on less secure technological systems and Wi-Fi networks. AI and machine learning will be critical tools in identifying and predicting threats in cybersecurity. AI will also be a crucial asset for security in the world of finance, given that it can process large amounts of data to predict and catch instances of fraud.


AI will play a pivotal role in e-commerce in the future, in every sector of the industry from user experience to marketing to fulfillment and distribution. We can expect that moving forward, AI will continue to drive e-commerce, including through the use of chat-bots, shopper personalization, image-based targeting advertising, and warehouse and inventory automation.

AI can have a big impact on the job search

If you are moving forward with the hope that a hiring manager may give you the benefit of the doubt on a small misstep within the application, you might be in for a rude awakening. AI already plays a major role in the hiring process, so much so that up to 75% of resumes are rejected by an automated applicant tracking system, or ATS, before they even reach a human being.

In the past, recruiters have had to devote considerable time to poring over resumes to look for relevant candidates. Data from LinkedIn shows that recruiters can spend up to 23 hours looking over resumes for one successful hire.

Increasingly, however, resume scanning is being done by AI-powered programs.

AI is also a great place to focus your energy if you are looking to upskill in your career, or make your professional profile more competitive in the job market, especially when you consider that AI will have such far-reaching impacts across many industries.

AI and machine learning are at the top of many lists of the most important skills in today's job market. Jobs requesting AI or machine-learning skills are expected to increase by 71% in the next five years. If you’d like to expand your knowledge base in this arena, consider some of the great free online course offerings that focus on AI skills.

If you are tech savvy, it would be wise to dive deep and learn as much as you can about interacting in the AI space. If your skills lie elsewhere, it is important to recognize that AI will have a big impact, and to the extent of your abilities, you should try to understand the fundamentals of how it functions in different sectors.

AI is definitely here to stay, whether we like it or not. The best way to move forward is to be aware of and adapt to the new technology around us, AI included.

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