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In recent months, there have been many articles with statistics that say that X percent of the workforce is one day going to be replaced by a robot. Some of this has leaked into the recruiter and HR field too. “This tool” or this “HR tech software” is going to replace most departments.

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Doomsday is around the corner, “they” all say.

Here’s a perfect antidote to being replaced by a robot:

  • Stop recruiting like one.
  • Stop sending out hundreds of messages, spam, knowing that even with a pathetic reply rate you are going to get a few candidates.
  • START sending targeted, informed messages that show you have done a little research on the candidate.
  • Stop treating candidates like you have an endless supply of them, that they are a means to an end.
  • START creating long term, meaningful relationships with them.
  • Stop being one of the many, many nameless recruiters targeting a candidate, industry, or location.
  • START creating a brand for yourself so when a potential candidate researches you they will want to email, call you back.        

·    And the big one: START attending events and meet, shake hands, and talk with people.

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